Zlatan could be drafted today. Henry could lose Sagna. Does Inter Miami CF want them?

With all eyes on the upcoming 2020 season of Major Soccer League, all forces are on deck at Inter Miami CF to be ready for their historic launch next year. And the first step is this famous “Expansion Draft“, And for this edition, Inter Miami and Nashville SC will be able to choose, in turns, five players labelled”free” in the other teams since the two clubs will join the league next season. A boost for the least regulated. Indeed, some teams will not be affected. These teams were the victims of this draft last year (Dallas, DC United, Vancouver, New York Red Bulls and Houston). As for the other teams, they were able to protect 12 players from their squad, leaving a risk of losing a member in the rest of their group. Because yes, a team can lose only one player, and cannot be picked a second time.

In the end, no less than 222 players are probably on the leaving end. Among them is Florentin Pogba (Atlanta), Aurélien Collin (Philadelphia), Nicolas Benezet (Toronto) and Rod Fanni and Bacary Sagna to the despair of newly introduced Thierry Henry, who has just been made official on the bench of the Impact Montreal for next two seasons and that could therefore lose two former French internationals. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also available. Despite the officialization of his departure, the Swedish giant still has a month of contract with LA Galaxy. Enough to feed the wildest rumors of a Beckham-Ibra duo in Miami. Note that this draft will start at 5.30 Eastern Time today.

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