Why Lionel Messi is a solid possibility for Inter Miami CF

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Playing for Barcelona since the age of 12, Lionel Messi is currently under contract until June 2021 and is not rushing to renew his contract. And for a good reason: he wants to be able to leave any time starting this summer.

It’s been a strange summer in FC Barcelona. Any normal summer, many would have applauded the management of the transfer window with the arrivals of Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong (and also the left-winger Junior Firpo and goalkeeper Neto).

The melodrama telenovela around Neymar has blurred the cards, poisoned the locker room and the bad start in La Liga season did not help hide the tensions. Josep Maria Bartomeu (Barca President) has not finished suffering, The Spanish daily El Pais devotes an article to Lionel Messi today to detail the conditions of his future in Catalonia.

No urgency to report, at age 32, the number 10 and captain is still under contract until 2021, and he still feels at ease in his club always, he joined at 12 years never to leave.

El Pais notes however that the new extension of contract desired by Barça is at a standstill. Lionel Messi has extended his contract on eight occasions since 2005, making him one of the highest-paid players on the planet, even though his net salary in Barcelona has never been publicly disclosed. The totality of his income (with bonuses and sponsorship) makes him the highest-paid footballer in the world.

Messi can leave Barça on June 30th

What seems to interest the “Pulga”, more than the amount of his salary or his release clause (700 M €), is his freedom. Freedom to choose when he wants to stop with FC Barcelona, either to hang up his cleats or… maybe to be able to join Inter Miami CF?

El Pais assures that there is a clause in the current contract between Messi and Barca allowing him to leave on June 30 if he so desires, without any financial compensation.

This pact concluded with the leaders is very well suited to Messi, who does not see for the moment reason to sign a new contract, which is, however, the desire of Bartomeu. No doubt that the South Florida franchise is keeping an attentive eye on the situation.

The legend wants to control his destiny, not to be dependent on a contract if he does not feel able to give the best of himself. Aware of his possible decline, he wants to keep his hand.

This is sure to tease FC Barcelona, stuck between the need to put Lionel Messi in the best conditions, and the desire to prepare for the future without him. If Messi decides to leave Barça at the end of the current season, it will be no doubt an earthquake on the planet football! He has always expressed his love for Miami, and his interest in David Beckham’s franchise.

Bringing a player like Messi would place Inter Miami CF on the very center of the MLS map! Not a difficult choice between him and Cavani!

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