Why Gallardo will not be Inter Miami CF’s coach

In the quest for the perfect coach to lead Inter Miami CF to the top of the MLS, a new name – Marcelo Gallardo – has been announced as the favorite to the role. Here is why this will not happen

While neither Michelle Kaufman nor the Miami Herald has commented this tweet, our sources in Argentina tells us that while Gallardo could leave in December, he has been scouted by all of the top European clubs for years now, and seems to be heading towards, Europe, and mainly Spain.

For many, in Barcelona, ​​it was a sign, a will of the local boss. Selected to vote for the Best The best coach contest, Lionel Messi placed his compatriot, Marcelo Gallardo (43), among the top three coaches of the year. It did not take more for the Catalan observers to make the strong man of the Millonarios one of the big favorites (with Erik ten Hag and Ronald Koeman) for the succession of Ernesto Valverde more and more criticized. A rumor that has continued to swell, forcing Messi to deny any desire to place Gallardo Camp Nou in the columns of the pro Barça press.

Linked to the porteño club until 2021, Gallardo has also indicated that he had have no intention of packing. At least not until December. The reason is simple: River Plate is still qualified in Copa Argentina (semi-final against our own Matias Pellegrini’s Estudiantes) and must play the finals of the Copa Libertadores on November 23 against the Cariocas of Flamengo. Also, Gallardo’s rating in the Ciudad Condal remains high. And for good reason.

“His name is on everyone’s lips”

El Muñeco is the coach of River Plate since June 2014. And in Buenos Aires, he is doing wonders. By winning the Copa Sudamericana in 2014, Gallardo has, at first, put an end to long years of losses on the international level. Then he placed the Millonarios to the roof of South America by winning two Copa Libertadores in 2015 and 2018 against the eternal nemesis, Boca Juniors. Adored by the supporters of River Plate, the Argentinean has built a very solid reputation on his native continent. The logical consequence would be that he crossed the Atlantic again to win on the Old continent, not as a player, but as a coach.

This is why, despite denials, the rumor of a potential arrival in Inter Miami CF, Gallardo remains a hot topic in the bays of the Monumental and in the local media. “End of year agitated. A pivotal month is coming and his name is on everyone’s lips, “writes the “Daily Clarin”, reinforcing the idea of ​​a possible farewell in December. “First, Barça will contact him. Then it will depend on him, what he wants to do. I suppose he will take stock and that what will happen in the final of the Copa Libertadores will greatly influence his decision. If he wins and shines at the World Club after, maybe he will say he has nothing to do here and he will look for new goals. Anyway, the final decision will come from him, River will not put the wheels in the wheel, “said Claudio Mauri, a journalist at “La Nacion”.

He is announced everywhere but in MLS

There is also a trend in the River locker room. “Gallardo has the stature to run a club like Barca,” said the experienced left side of the team, Milton Casco (31). Simple feeling or secret spilled? Casco is in any case one of the elements that made the tactical success of the coach possible. “His style of play is intense, aggressive, with a lot of movement. The usual tactical pattern is 4-1-3-2 with sideways that project a lot forward like Casco, a left-back who often comes in as if he were a number 10. River has a system tactics very confusing for his opponents, “explains Mauri.

One thing is sure, the Miami’s future coach topic is getting hotter by the minute. But no one is linking Gallardo to the MLS. And especially many great local figures. Like the former coach of San Lorenzo, Ricardo Caruso Lombardi. “He can work in Barcelona quietly. Marcelo has arrived at an incredible moment of his career and if the opportunity arises, he will have to seize it. He is in condition, he sees that he has the desire, “he told the newspaper “Olé”. The former River Plate player today commentator on TV, Claudio Borghi went there even stronger. “D’Onofrio (the president of River Plate, ed) assured that Gallardo would leave if he (D’Onofrio) was no longer president of the club. But there is information that Gallardo will coach Barcelona in December. Valverde is not good and Marcelo is one of the best coaches in the world. I know it from a direct source, “he told the Chilean channel “CDF”.

Another Former figure of River plate, Enzo Francescoli was more measured by saying that he was “not aware of an interest of any club for Gallardo” and that he refused “to think of the day of the departure of the coach of River “. Because he refuses to imagine a heart-breaking scenario? Proof of this is that Gallardo’s case is fascinating, but way too ambitious for Miami.

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