Who Will be Inter Miami CF’s Coach? Here are some credible leads

Every Inter Miami fan is anxiously waiting for the club to reveal the name of the future coach. You can make a mistake acquiring a player that ends up under-performing. It could always be compensated with the rest of the team, but if you miss on the coach, even if you have the best players in the league, you are almost guaranteed to fail.

The club’s board is very aware of that, and Inter’s co-president Jorge Mas told BBC today that they are “very close” (to signing a coach).

“We are trying to get someone who can also commit here for a period of time and leave his fingerprints on our team”.

Mas added,

“it’s someone you’re going to know who has coached before at the highest level and who has played at the highest level”. He ended the BBC Interview by saying the future coach to have an “attacking” style.

That may seem like rhetoric, but for an advised Football follower, Jorge Mas reveals very important criteria that would help us narrow the search. We investigate the best possible coach. An extraordinary individual with an legendary track record, that would fit the image of the Inter Miami CF organization with his style both in and out of the field.

Not many coaches in the world fit those specs and would be in for a whole new adventure (who can claim they built a team from scratch and aplayed directly in a first league?). Inter305 reveals who could be the gem, and why:

“You can be wrong on a player. But you can’t miss when it comes to the coach”

The Special One: Jose Mourinho

The most famous coach in the world is actually a free agent. Auto proclaimed “special one”, Mourinho checks all of the cases of course. He has been a successful (quite not legendary) player but is mostly known for his coaching performances. ESPN named him “the greatest manager of all times”.

He won the Champion’s League with Porto, then with Inter Milan (2010), and lead his teams to win the league in Portugal, Italy, England, and Spain! (no other coach has achieved this). He will be a great asset to the players not only tactically, but also with his habit to take the spotlight, which protects his players. However, he is not known as an “attacking” style coach. The “Mou” is a defense tactician and rather win his games 1-0 than 4-3. His salary and ego could also be a brake at his collaboration with the board.

Coach Skills: 4/4
Rumor Credibility: 1/4

The “American” German: Jurgen Klinsmann

A legend as a player, World Cup winner (1990), European Championship (1996), Captain and leader, every move he makes has class written all over it. As soon as his great career as a player ended, Klinsmann focused on national teams and was logically appointed a manager for the Manshaaft – Germany’s national team. He kept alive all the principles that make Germany a great Football nation, ball possession, aggressive plays, pressure… and managed to reach the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup, finishing third nation.

He then tried his luck with the German behemoth, Bayern Munich, but failed to win the league. Klinsmann made a name for himself as a coach while managing the US national team, winning the CONCACAF and coach of the year in 2013. More of a calm, nation manager, Klinsmann may not be the perfect fit for the feverish spirit that will burn around Inter Miami. He was not active in the previous years so he would certainly gladly accept the challenge.

Coach Skills: 2/4
Rumor Credibility: 2/4

The Ambitious: Laurent Blanc

Nicknamed “The President” for his classy style and posture, Blanc is another football legend. His resume as a player that would put stars in the eyes of our players, and serious coaching skills. During his career on the field, Laurent Blanc won the 1998 World Cup, the 2000 European Championship with France.

In clubs, Blanc took Marseille to the Euro League Finals, then went to Manchester United to win the Premier League. As a coach, Blanc won the Ligue 1 both with Bordeaux then Paris SG where he was replaced, despite winning the league, with an attacking style and has refused many challenges since.

He claims that he is ready and impatient to find a new team. Would he be interested in joining our franchise? He won as a player, he won as a coach.

Coach Skills” 3/4
Rumor Credibility: 3/4

The Traveler: Rafael Benitez

Rafa Benitez was -somehow- a pro player. He did not mark history and that is why we take this rumor with extreme caution. However, Benitez is a household name as a coach. He won the Champions League with Liverpool and the Europa League with Valence, while grabbing La Liga twice.

He has an offensive style, but his teams are very often falling short. He coaches many lost finals, but he is a liked character and very strong tactician. His experience would be very attractive for our young players, and the MLS does not seem like an unbeatable challenge.

He also has the advantage of speaking Spanish, like our two players – and half of the city. But his almost non-existent career as a player, tells us that he is not the name that we are all waiting to hear.

Coach Skills: 3/4
Rumor Credibility: 0/4

The Promise: Thierry Henry

Every one knows Thierry Henry. Between his back to back 1998 World Cup win to his 2000 Euro with France, Henry is a Premier League legend, he even has a statue in front of the club. One of the best strikers of all times, Henry has won the Premier League twice, scoring 228 goals on the way with Arsenal, then went to Barcelona to win LaLiga and the Champions League, along with with a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and a young player at the time, called Leo Messi…

He finished his playing career with the New York Red Bull. Henry started his managing career as an assistant coach for the Belgium national team and the team reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, then tried a first coach career with Monaco, where the team was left emptied by all the sales. He did not succeed in Ligue 1 and is currently searching for his next challenge.

Henry may not have won yet as a coach, but his skills and experience promise him a great career. His attacking style would be perfect for Miami. He already lives in the US (in New York). Will he make the -short- move?

Coach Skills: 1/4
Rumor Credibility: 2/4

We could also have talked about: Di Mateo, Moyes or Wenger…

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