Thiago Silva’s contract is up and PSG is not in a hurry to renew it

Getting closer to the end of his contract on June 30, 2020, Thiago Silva is still awaiting a talk with its managers for an extension. But this phone call did not arrive, and the player may become a free agent.

In seven months, many football players will be out of contract. Starting January 1st, 2020, they will be allowed to engage freely with other clubs than their own, and will then join them at the beginning of the new financial year on 1 July. No doubt that some of them will be feeding the rumors section, and many may be linked with Inter Miami CF, which is in an unusual situation, having to build a full roster. certain elements are in this case. We spoke about Edinson Cavani, but another PSG player is up for contract expiration: the defender and captain Thiago Silva.

With a strong season start, making him- probably – the best defender of Ligue 1, he is still waiting for discussions with his board to continue his adventure in this city where he feels good and where he sees himself ending his career according to French outlet “Le Parisien” last Monday. However, according to the regional daily, the discussions do not seem at all on the agenda and, especially, since Leonardo was open to sell him last summer (it was he who had brought the former Milanese in Paris).

At 35, he still remain a top defender

Thiago is very quiet about his future. He does not worry about that”explains one of his relatives in Paris. The Brazilian international defender sees himself evolving a few more seasons at this level of competition and it is clear that he would like to continue his adventure in the club coached by Thomas Tuchel. But the fact that he is 35 brings questions when it comes to renewal.

The first one is: can he, as and when, slip on the bench? Will he accept that without flinching? This is a very valid question, as the Marquinhos-Kimpembe tandem seems to be the duo promised to defend Paris SG in the future even though the Brazilian has been repositioned as a sentinel by Thomas Tuchel for some time now. Nothing says besides that the Parisian leaders will propose to him an extension of contract. One wonders if Miami would make a move that could create a solid pair of defenders with the young Makoun learning from Silva.

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