The Play and the Players: Estudiantes vs Aldovisi 1-0

Club Estudiantes de La Plata just got a whole new bunch of followers: anxious Inter Miami CF fans eager to discover the level of the one that will forever be labelled as “The first player in history” of our franchise. Good news, because Pellegrini is actually in the starting 11 today, as Estudiantes looked for a positive start to the 2019/2020 Superliga season. 

Positioned as a high right winger, part of the attacking trident, Pellegrini has showed a lot of arguments on the field, and seems to confirm all of the good potential Inter saw in him. Fast, technical, and with a lot of percussion, he gave a very hard time to Aldovisi’s defense, Gino (16th min) and Romero (26th min) had to stop him irregulary and both got yellow cards for it. 

While Pellegrini only played the first half, he showed higher than average skills in most domains. With 2 tentatives at the goal (only one was on target) the attacking winger was very difficult to stop; However, his 55% of success rate on passes are way below average.

He will have to work harder on this aspect to become the legend we expect him to be. In the main European Leagues, the average passing stat for a good player is between 70 to 90% success. That would be the black dot of his game today.

He was replaced very early in the game, but it may not be because of his performance but more a desire to launch Estudiantes new player Diego Garcia, freshly acquired from Uruguay club Juventud de Las Piedras, to fill Pellegrini’s spot at the end of the calendar year.

With this victory, Estudiantes places itself second of the Superliga. Of course, it’s just the first day of a very long league, and only 3 games have played so far, but if Estudiantes manages to keep a strong winning pace, no doubt that Matias Pellegrini will keep the pressure up, progress even more and who knows, maybe become a key player for his next 6 months in Argentina. That’s all we wish for him as long as he doesn’t injure himself.

Hopefully, Julian Carranza will play for Banfield tomorrow as well, and we will report his performance

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