The MLS Expansion Draft for Dummies (like us)

There is a strange rule in MLS. One that doesn’t exist in any major Football League. Clubs can steal players from each other’s teams. And all of this decided by.. a coin flip! But this time, it is to our advantage, since Inter Miami CF has won the right to choose first.

“I think the system is shit…but, that’s the way it is. Because you talk about mentality, for me mentality is everyday. Training, the way you train is the way to play the game, the results in every game is important. But here, you come 7th place, you make the playoff, you win. So how do you create that mentality to be on your toes 24 hours? It’s very difficult.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic words made another headline when he openly criticized the rules of MLS, explaining that the current system – and playoffs – are ruining the player’s motivations. The European leagues system, which decides a set amount of teams per league, and send the top teams to Continental tournaments, while having their worst season performers bump in a lower league, versus the US system of playoffs.

Miami won the coin flip! So what’s the prize?

Among those rules is also the “MLS Expansion Draft”, and the “Super Draft”. A guest flips a coin and the two new franchises of the coming year are picking their choices ahead of the Super Draft in January. So the coin was flipped, and Inter Miami CF won.

So what’s the prize? It’s the right to chose players playing in other MLS teams first (up to 5). Each team has the right to carve out their best players from those picks, but there will be plenty left and it will come to McDonought’s choice on who Miami will pick.

Note that the teams that lost players last year are exempt and will not lose players on the upcoming season ( New York Red Bulls, D.C. United, Houston Dynamo, Vancouver Whitecaps and FC Dallas)

Inter Miami CF will also have priority over the Super Draft, and will be first to chose their favorite college picks. We’ll just have to hope Paul McDonought can continue his streak as a skilled team builder, and pick the best possible players. The answer in January. Until then, IMCF will certainly name a coach and move on more players

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