The common plan of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez for the end of their career

The two former Barça teammates and close friends hope to reunite in the near future …

“I always wanted to live in the United States, now, will it be done or not, I do not know“. This is perhaps the most striking sentence of Lionel Messi’s last interview with La Sexta. An interview that made a resounding noise here in Miami, since even if the Argentinian has not really revealed whether or not he will stay in Barcelona at the end of the current season, he spoke for the first time about the Major League Soccer as a possible destination.

He also explained that he had badly digested the Suarez episode, put it aside, and pushed for the release this summer, in addition to having been offered to a rival club. It must be said that the two men are extremely close, both on the ground where they had a formidable understanding, as outside the lawns, where they are friends. And if we trust the information from Catalunya Radio, the Argentinean and the Uruguayan are planning to play together again in the future.

A Golden Retirement in Florida

The two former acolytes thus have a plan to meet on the side of our Inter Miami, proud Florida franchise of David Beckham which celebrated its first season of existence this year. As we know, the former player of Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, sees things big for the club and had even tried to attract Lucho in the past, just as he would have already spoken with the star of the Albiceleste. In 2022, the Atlético player will be free from any contract and, it seems unlikely to see him back up since he will be 36 years old. Direction Florida therefore, with Lionel Messi.

As for the Argentinian, he is at the end of his contract next June and aims to end his career with his faithful friend in the United States. It remains to be seen what he will do in the next 2021/2022 fiscal year, but in any case, he does not want to leave the highest level before this 2022 World Cup, which will take place before the start of the 2023 season of Major League Soccer. . On the Miami fans side, we can already start rubbing our hands …

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