Surprise Signing of Canadian Central Midfielder David Norman Jr. for Inter Miami CF!

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After a hectic post-Dorian Labor Day weekend, Inter Miami CF took everyone by surprise when they announced the signing of Canadian, relatively unknown, David Norman Jr. The box to box midfielder is the fourth professional player to join the Miami roster. Spotlight.

In regards to the club’s ability to build a competitive team, the signing of a 21 year-old central midfielder, that has never played a game in MLS, could be questionable.

The reality is that the scout team has already proven their ability to find young gems. This one, if he performs, would be to their full credit. 

After playing at the collegiate level with Oregon State University, Norman Jr. signed his first pro contract with the reserve team of Whitecap FC. 2017 would be the last year for this team, as Whitecap decided to close their second team at the end of the 2017 season.

But it was enough for the player to get noticed, the fans named him their player of the year. Whitecap FC signed him for their MLS roster for a season, with 3 in option. Soon after, he was sent on loan to Scotland before he could even play a game in the MLS and spent the 2018 season playing for League 2’s team Queen of the South, then loaned again for the 2019 season to Pacific FC (Canadian League). 

Only 10 games played during the last 2 seasons…

Will Norman Jr. be part of the starting XI in MLS? It seems curious to us since the player has never played a major league, but mostly, was not called on the field a single time during last season with Pacific FC, playing at a lower level than the MLS. 0 matches played last season and only 10 with Queen of the South.

That’s not a lot of games for 2 seasons, especially for a player of his age, which demands constant field presence to progress properly. If we had to guess, he will be a replacement solution for the team, potentially central midfielder since it is the most exhaustive position in the game.

Rotation players are key during long seasons. His only selections with the Canada U23’s team were back in 2018 (5 games) where he distinguished himself during Toulon’s Tournament, a known niche to find tomorrow’s players.

Rated 47 on FIFA 19

We may be wrong and we certainly don’t have the full picture, nor knowledge about the exact level of David Norman Jr. He is definitely not part of any wonderkids list, and his transfermarkt value is close to $0. His father David Norman has had a long and successful career, playing many games for Canada’s nationals.

Hopefully David Jr., young, and coming to a new challenge, will be a real surprise. By giving his best for the club on the field, and representing the city’s value, there is no reason why he couldn’t become a fan favorite. That’s what we wish him! For the time being: Welcome to Miami!

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