Suarez speaks about the MLS and his future

During a long interview in Uruguay, Luis Suarez spoke about the next striker at FC Barcelona but also of his future. A future that may be in Miami.

Fourth-leading scorer in FC Barcelona’s history, Luis Suarez (32) has entered the last years of his career. He knows this and regularly invites the Blaugranas to find him a challenger or even a replacement. In the columns of Uruguayan sports daily Ovacion, El Pistolero kept his assurance. “That the club is looking for a No. 9 is not surprising at all, it’s the reality of football. I already said a while ago, a day will come when my age will not allow me to live up to what FC Barcelona needs to be competitive, but as long as I can, as long as I have the strength, it would be better to bring me a challenger,” he said before continuing.

It will be better because I will have to give even more, it will be better for the club because there will be more choice and competition and it will be better for the future because the club can prepare a footballer with the help of those who are still there,” unleashed the La celeste international (111 selections, 58 goals). The advice is smart and comes from the heart, but the Catalan leadership, despite extensive research for this position, seems to struggle to find the right fit. Meanwhile, the native of Salto, under contract until June 2021, is seriously thinking about his future, after Barça.

“I love the (MLS) Championship”

Obviously, a footballer always thinks of the present and I have a contract with Barcelona, ​​but we do not know what can happen when this contract is finished. It will probably not be a simple decision, it will be very complicated, because it will be necessary to be sure. Make a thoughtful decision. At one point, I said that San Lorenzo (Argentina) was a club that I loved when I was young, because I watched Beto Acosta and Bernardo Romeo, his attackers, and it’s true, too, that I I spoke with Nicolas Lodeiro of the MLS (he plays in Seattle), because I told him that I loved this country and this championship, but I can not say anything today “, he explained before opening yet another door.

Better, in the future, I might go back to Uruguay, because it’s a possibility I’ve never dismissed. So far, I have been paying attention to what I said about it, so as not to generate expectations anywhere, because it is a decision we will have to make at a given moment, observing all the circumstances that will arise, analyzing them at the family level, because we must also see what the children think. (…) I repeat, it will be complicated, it will be a decision that we will take with Sofia, “he concluded, recalling his attachment to the Nacional Montevideo, club of his professional debut. At no time was the possibility of being re-enlisted in Barça mentioned by the person concerned. Barça therefore has every interest in preparing soon after Luis Suarez. And our sources are confirming that Sofia has already chosen Miami. Get ready for the Pistolero!

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