Rodolfo Pizzaro signs with Inter Miami CF!

After weeks of speculation, the creative midfielder is finally a Miami player! Personally convinced by Beckham, Pizzaro is surely one of the best move the club could do. More than a good player, he is the bridge between the defense and attack

Rodolfo Pizzaro will be the second Designated Player. The transfer fee should be around $12 million USD before incentives. Incentives could trigger if Inter Miami CF wins the MLS, or qualifies for the CONCACAF, but if those numbers are confirmed, it will show great negociations skills on the Miami part. The player has a $11 million value on Transfermarkt, and a club generally tries to sell way higher, especially promising players like Pizzaro.

The shadow of coach Diego Alonso is overcasting as he knows the player and his previous club Monterrey very well. The transfer was confirmed by the Liga MX club, but has yet to be announced by Inter Miami. No doubt that they will want to celebrate this huge signing with the proper communication. The 25-year-old midfield playmaker will rejoin a manage who coached Pizarro at Pachuca and Monterrey. But the fans can celebrate, because more than a good player, Pizzaro is a magician with the ball, able to create occasions in one touch, and that is what this team needs.

Ranked 77 on FIFA 20

Miami had to fight with Chicago for the player, but Beckham was able to convince the player, mostly by giving him the keys to the team. Pizzaro, born in Tampico, Mexico won a Liga MX title in each of his clubs! With Pachuca, Chivas and Monterrey. He also won the CONCACAF Champions League twice.

After Pellegrini, Pizzaro is the second DP. There is only one Designated Payer’s card left, we hope it will be for a major player. But we feel better than yesterday when it comes to the team’s ability to perform in their MLS year one.

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