Roberto Carlos explain how he was partying with David Beckham in Real Madrid

The Real Madrid Galactics will remain as one of the most attractive teams of the last decades. In an interview with Vitor Baia and the Portuguese TV channel Canal 11, Roberto Carlos, a member of the XXL crew, revealed some behind the scenes of the Merengues era. The Brazilian left-back evoked his memories, with some rather crisp anecdotes. “It was Lorenzo Sanz who recruited me at Real Madrid, at a very complicated time, there was no money to pay the players. Florentino arrived, he reorganized the club. He paid all the wages late, he recruited the best players in the Galactic era, (Zinedine) Zidane, (David) Beckham, Ronaldo, (Luis) Figo, “.

Today, I wonder how we could do so much bullshit. It’s always crazy in a team. At the end of each match, there were private flights. We met between players at the terminal of private flights of Barajas (Madrid airport). (David) Beckham went I do not know where, like for (Luis) Figo, (Zinedine) Zidane, Ronaldo, me, (Iker) Casillas … With a training planned two days later … I prayed that the matches are on Saturday to be able to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday, wherever they take place. It was a madness, “he said, slipping some details of the life of this locker room.

It was “danger” in the locker room

At the time of the Galactics, we were 7, it was a danger in the locker room. It has always been well managed, we had a good relationship with all the coaches, less with (José Antonio) Camacho who held 10 days (in 2004). A record. He arrived in the locker room, said hello to everyone, observed and told us “I want everyone at 7am tomorrow morning”. Normally, we trained at 10:30. We spoke with him to try to change the schedule, we had our habits, “Carlos said.

“We used to get to the field, leave our things in the lockers and go out for dinner. We used to enjoy beer and wine. There were two bottles on each table. In the second league match, when Luxemburgo arrived, Ronaldo and I told him: “Professor, there are habits here, you will see, please, do not change them, like that of the beer before dinner, otherwise we will have problems “. He first banned beer and then wine. It took 3 months. The news came to the ears of management and goodbye. It was our cloakroom atmosphere, “he said. This atmosphere, Vicente Del Bosque is certainly the one who managed it best.”

I will take the example of Vicente Del Bosque. Del Bosque was not a coach, he was more of a friend of the players. There is no need for rules. No need to tell us: “you have to go back to the left when so-and-so does that”. The player knows what he has to do. He understood us perfectly. Workouts on Monday and Tuesday were at 17h. He did not put them at 11am because he knew everyone would be late, “he concluded. And yet, despite these astonishing habits, this team will have won two Ligas in 2001 and 2003, two Spanish Supercups in 2001 and 2003, a Champions League in 2002, an Intercontinental Cup in 2002 and a UEFA Super Cup in 2002.

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