More names to fill DP positions at Inter Miami CF

With a search for a household name as the next designated player (DP) to shed lights on Inter Miami’s ambitions, few names have boasted so far, but no signing. Falcao went to Turkey, Cavani is getting closer to Madrid by the minute, and David Silva will not joing Miami this winter. So could we imagine starting the season without accomplished players?

It will become a habit, one could almost go so far as to speak of tradition. At this time of the year, Inter305 will offer you the most interesting contract ends for Inter Miami CF. On January 1st, the players within 6 month to the end of their contract are free to commit elsewhere. So much to anticipate the summer transfer window, for a recruitment at lower costs.

But this is not relevant for IMCF. Why ? Because the club is more than ever on a rush to have a solid roster for the next MLS season in March. Given its situation, with financial stakes, Miami cannot afford the slightest risk. In addition, players at the end of the contract are generally those who ask for the highest salaries, aware that it does not cost anything in terms of transfer. And the need for Miami is precisely to find one of them. Finally, if a player finds himself at the end of the contract, it is generally not by chance, and if we look at the exercises of the best opportunities available since the last summer, we can say that Miami have well done not to move too fast: Alberto Moreno, who polished the bench in Liverpool, signed at Villareal. Regularly injured, he has only made three games so far. Samir Nasri founds himself on a tough challenge in Anderlecht. Hatem Ben Arfa is still waiting for an offer that suits him.

New opportunities thanks to Beckham’s network?

So there is no point in imagining the slightest chance to get the Mertens, Eriksen, Willian or Chiellini. But Artem Dzyuba, the Zénith Saint-Petersbourg striker who rammed Lyon into the Champions League a few weeks ago, is 31 at the end of the contract. What imagine a weight support next year for Julian Carranza at the forefront of the attack? In England, Cédric Soares has reached the end of his contract with Southampton. Couldn’t the 28-year-old 2016 European champion be convinced by the Miami challenge?, his former teammate in selection, to try the Olympian challenge? Former Spain international Javier Manquillo, is no longer playing too much in Newcastle (11 games this season). But he could quickly become a safe bet, left and right, in the club. So it may not be topical yet, but it should be kept in the back of our mind when the time comes to think about the contours of the team for this season.

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