Miami Native Wonderkid George Acosta Signs with Inter Miami CF!

Inter Miami CF continues building their roster ahead of the 2020 MLS debut.

If you don’ see a pattern, we do. As explained in a previous article, someone at the club is playing a skilled game of SEGA’s “Football Manager”. The club managed to acquire one of the rare American gems, a 4 star growth potential according to FM 19 – and even more rare, a Miami native!

Acosta, like fellow IMCF teammates Makoun, Pellegrini and Carranza is also born in 2000. Right here, in Miami. His first performances as a player were with Weston Academy. Any South Florida football fan will tell you that Weston is a hub for young players. The city has more football fields than any other sport. He later moved to South Carolina FC and after his performance during the 2017 U17 FIFA World Cup, where he impressed most of the scouts, He was recruited by Boca Juniors to be part of their reserve team.

A Miami native “box to box” player that is guaranteed to become a fan favorite.

The pocket (5 ft 7 in) central midfielder likes to play in the center left position, and his size and his low center of gravity makes him a perfect box to box player, what we would call a number 8. His track record shows that he likes to keep the ball to create openings for his attack, and that he surely knows how to place a free kick, as you can see in the below video

If David Silva joins Inter Miami CF, he will be the perfect mentor to help Acosta progress. There is no doubt that this US young national and Miami native, will become a huge fan-favorite. For now, he will finish his season in the USL Championships (the equivalent of the MLS second league) with his current club, the Austin Bold.

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