Lionel Messi: 6 Ballon d’Or and a possible move to Miami

After winning everything in Europe, is Messi thinking about joining his best friend Suarez and play for Inter Miami CF? In any case, his purchase of an apartment in billionaire’s condo Porsche Tower is making Miami buzz

Lionel Messi just won the greatest personal award for a Football player: the Ballon d’Or. While many great players like for example David Beckham did not win it, Messi just grabbed his 6th! the most in history, and with his principal rival Christiano Ronaldo getting older, we may have to wait a while before witnessing a single player winning the supreme prize enough times to catch up. And with Messi’s level this season, he may be added for a seventh one, as he doesn’t seem to decrease his stats and astonishing performances.

FC Barcelona is still totally dependent on Messi. But with rumors going wild about Luis Suarez , and his possible move to Miami. A move that would also be demanded by Suarez’s wife. Everyone knows that the two couples are very close, and the stars aligned a little bit more when the world’s greatest soccer player of all time, bought a condo at Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach for $5 million, according to “The Real Deal“.

The Real Deal continues and tells us a secret: “soccer superstar is reportedly being courted by David Beckham’s future Major League Soccer team Inter Miami“.

In any case, it will not happen before 2021 at best, so you can start saving for those pink Messi jerseys!

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