LAFC vs Inter Miami CF review: A good start but it was not enough

At Los Angeles (Banc of California Stadium) | MLS | Sunday 03/01/2020 | 5.30 PM on ESPN

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Carlos Vela (45′)
Weather: excellent (72°)| Field: good | Spectators: 22,121
 Atuesta (60′) Ulloa (63′)
 Harvey (81′) Powell (66′)
 Agudelo (83′)

Inter Miami CF game level was on every lip. They finally had the occasion to show their potential versus a tough adversary, in a stadium on fire. A solid defense was not enough to bring a result back from LAFC.

Robles proves why he is the choice for team captain

Inter Miami CF’s coach Diego Alonso said it enough: Miami will play a possession game and try to always pressure the opponent very high on the field. That is what the team tried to do yesterday, with more or less success. Los Angeles was surprised at first and it took them about 5 minutes to start figuring out the way to evade this constant pressure from the attackers. Then, their winger tactic started to go in place, with a game largely pushing on their right side, where Vela was placed. He is the detonator of the team and he delivered many beautiful balls for Rossi that were all saved by an imperial Robles (4′, 26′, 33′ were crucial saves). Miami gets out timidly and we have to wait for the 36th minute to finally see a decent Miami attack, with a beautiful shot from Matias Pellegrini, saved by Vermeer. Miami kept as much pressure as possible and it translated with a number of corner kicks, but LAFC showed no mercy when Inter’s defense made a mistake, Vela playing with 3 defenders before lobbing Robles as if he was at training! (1-0, 45th minute)

Inter Miami tried but lacked the finish

The second half started with LAFC players pushing hard, but Miami defense stayed strong and despite many more occasions, Vela and Rossi were not successful in doubling up. Miami tried, but Pizzaro’s efforts were very messy, except a good occasion at minute 52. That would be the last danger Miami brings to their opponent’s side, with the rest of the game becoming tense, Inter Miami getting some yellow cards and were closer to get a second goal than equalizing. A good game but so much more to learn for Inter Miami CF to become a real contender in MLS.

Robles (g)
Powell – Torres – Figal – Sweat
Trapp – Ulloa (NGuyen, 68′)
Morgan (Agudelo, 79′) – Pizzaro – Pellegrini (Makoun, 79′)
Bench: De La Graza, McCarthy, Ambrose, Argudo
Vermeer (g)
Harvey – Segura – Jakovic – Blackmon
Kaye (Atuesta, 59′) – Ginella (Cifuentes, 66′) – Belssing (Duke, 92′)
Rodriguez- Rossi- Vela
Bench: Palacios, El Munir, Guido, Sisniega

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