LAFC 1-0 Inter Miami CF: Players Grades


L. Robles: 7.5/10
He was the real pillar of the team. Many saves, including some crucial. Without him, Miami could have lost by 4 or 5 goals. He clearly would have gave a perfect performance if not for this goal at the 45th minute, making a clear mistake of going after Vela (that had already 3 Miami defenders around him), and resulted by being lobbed. A promising start for a key position, if Robles keeps this level all season, he will save many points along the way.


R. Torres: 6/10
Definitely the boss of the defense, the “beast” used his best assets to block most of LA’s attacks. He also showed very good techniques on several occasions, including many long passes that successfully touched his teammates. He was more absent during the second half, and seemed to have some difficulties until coach Alonso decided to pass to a 5-3-2 formation.

J. Figal: 6/10
He represented Miami yesterday. A fierce player that doesn’t retain his tackles and uses aggressivity to push his opponents. Everything we want to see with a player. Of course, it is important to stay calm, and Figal was sometimes close to the limit. But a good defensive performance overall. Precious on offensive corners, he was almost becoming Miami’s first scorer in an official competition (31st minute).


B. Sweat: 5.5/10
Almost perfect until he gets played by Vela on the goal, Sweat covered his left side with serious but did not really participate in the offensive part of the game. We would have like to see him go higher on the field, in order for Pellegrini to peak in the center and create numerous advantage, but he did not do that. A better first half than second as well.


M. Pellegrini: 4/10
He gave a lot during the game, never mind the defensive efforts on his left side, he reminded of the way his fellow Argentinian Ocampos plays for Sevilla FC. But it was not enough and his offensive assets were clearly below the expectations. He is young and the future of the club, but is there time to wait? We hope he will perfect his connection with Pellegrini and provide some good offense next week. Replaced by Makoun, that did a good job in defense.


R. Pizzaro: 3.5/10
Despite a good shot in the first half, Pizzaro’s performance was pretty disappointing. The synergy with his teammates is clearly not here yet, and he showed several signs of nervousness on the field. No doubt that he will find his form during the season, but yesterday was not his best performance. We expect more for the technical leader of the team, and the most expensive player of the roster.

L. Morgan: 3/10
Nothing really relevant to say about Morgan’s game. He had the hardest time connecting the midfield to the attack, and despite many efforts, he was not able to block Los Angeles FC offensives. The midfield, in general, was lacking coordination and placement, he will have to show more in the coming games. Replaced by Agudelo, that only came on the field to get a yellow card.

W. Trapp: 3/10
Miami central midfielder was eaten by the vivacity of LAFC’s attacking line. Too little balls recouped too little passes towards the attack and a clear lack of control. Rest to see if Trapp can raise his level against teams that are weaker than LAFC.

A. Powell: 2.5/10
he is the defender that suffered the most, even though Vela was on the other side. His little participation in the attacks was translated into missed centers. We know the Jamaican international can do much better than that, but he seemed nervous yesterday. He got a yellow card and could even have gotten a red one.

V. Ulloa: 2.5/10
He clearly missed his game. Being one of two in this central midfield may not have been the correct tactic, as LA was clearly playing through the axis of the field, but he was automatically passed. Too little balls won, and an activity that was not technical enough. His nerves also got him a yellow. A bad performance. Replaced by NGuyen, that did not show much.

R. Robinson: 2.5/10
For his first professional game, Robinson did not come through as the chef’s surprise from coach Alonso. Alone in the front of the attack, the gap between his position and the midfield players was too large, and only long balls could attain him. He got some occasions but was not killer enough to score. Was it his fault for not coming lower and participate in the game, or the midfielders for not getting closer to him?

Understand our grading grid:

– from 0 to 2 – HORRIBLE: The player sucked. Period!

– from 2.5 to 3.5 – FLOPS : The player missed his match. He can do better.

– from 4 to 4.5 – MEDIOCRE: The player is under average, and did not give it all for its team.

– from 5 to 6 – CORRECT. The performance was acceptable, but we expect players to give 110% and get better grades.

– from 6.5 to 7 – SATISFACTORY: Finally! A good performance. The player was good overall, and he did the job!

– from 7.5 to 8.5 – TOP: A very good game. The player gave everything he has to his team and we can’t ask for so much more.

– from 9 to 10 – EXCEPTIONAL. Don’t fool yourself, those grades will not be given very often. It would have to be a truly exceptional game from a player to go this high!

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