#LAFAMILIA – Part 2 of the Exclusive Interview with the 3 Inter Miami CF Official Supporter Groups

Last week, we presented you with the 3 supporter groups: Southern Legion, The Siege and Vice City 1896. Their efforts, enthusiasm and reunions are a real component in leveling Inter Miami CF and make sure the whole MLS (and the world) hears about us. #StillNoFilter

Inter 305: Can you describe us your relationship with the club?

Southern Legion: We have been there since day one and before. They know that we are unconditional. We will be the first supporter group to arrive, and the last to leave the stadium!

The Siege: It’s great! We are in constant communication with the team, and we are working toward the first game day in 2020, to make Inter Miami a unique experience not only in MLS but also in the global game.

Vice City 1896: November 6 was a special day, we showed up loudly to the voting, and the club executives came to us and asked who we were. We started meeting with the club, they opened their doors to us and really treated us like part of the family. They included us when they were building the supporter sections for the stadium. They are very transparent with us. We feel honored to be involved in that way.

Vice City 1896 Supporters are on fire!!

I305: What are your MLS expectations for the first season?

SL: We expect our team will come out of the starting blocks like a sprinter! Full speed ahead, signing big names and aiming for the championship!

TS: Make the playoffs at least. Beat Orlando and Atlanta, set the tone for the rest of the league that Miami is not messing around. 

VC: To reach the playoffs. But it will really be a “practice round” for us. We will be testing what works and doesn’t. By year 3, we need a championship! Remember that our sports director (as we nicknamed him at Inter305 Paul “The Magician” McDonough) comes from Atlanta. He build his previous team and took it to the top, so we think we are going to do great! But win or lose, we will not put pressure on the club. We will do our part, creating an atmosphere that  gives a great time. We are already doing it by having a hundred fans gathering every Saturday mornings. We are driven by passion. 

I305: The club has branded the Supporter Groups “La Familia”. Are you guys getting along like a real family?

SL: We are actually a family. We all support the same team and that is our foremost priority.

TS: The club uses “La Familia” to describe the entire Inter Miami fan base, not just the supporter groups. Like any family, there are disagreements but in the end, we all have the same goal: to make Miami the best soccer environment in the United States.

VC: It’s like every family! Sometimes you fight or argue with you brother, sister or your cousins? Of course you do! But what’s interesting here is that we are all part of the same group. All 3 supporters were originally one group. Picture 3 kids living in the same room and becoming teenagers. Their voices start to differ and that’s what happen, but there is room for everyone to be themselves. Today, we are in an amazing place. It’s been a long process, but now that we are getting closer to the start, we (the 3 supporter groups) started to get closer, and during the Orlando All Star Games, we were the stranger of the village, and we were together. It was Miami. We needed this. Now we’re seeing the bigger picture. But the name “La Familia” did not come from the team. We started using the hashtag “La Familia” back in December, it really came from the 3 supporter groups as an organic name. One of our best song speaks about family. We are in a really good place right now!

We can’t wait to chant and celebrate with those amazing supporter groups. We have to say that all 3 of them have been really classy and composed, and as a neutral news outlet for Inter Miami CF, and Football experts, this is very refreshing and off to a great start. To become part of the supporters groups:

Southern Legion ~ Web: southernlegionmia.com Twitter: @Southern_legion InstaGram: @southernlegionmia Facebook: @southernlegionmia

The Siege ~ Web: siegemiami.com Twitter: @SiegeMiami InstaGram: @siegemiami Facebook: @siegemiami

Vice City 1896 ~ Web: vicecity1896.com/joinus Twitter: @VICECITY1896 InstaGram: @VICECITY1896 Facebook: @VICECITY1896

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