LA Galaxy enters the competition for Cavani

Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced, a few days ago, the end of his adventure with the Los Angeles Galaxy with his usual politeness. “I came, I saw, I won. Thank you LA Galaxy. Galaxy fans – you wanted Zlatan, I gave you Zlatan. Now, go back to baseball, “he said, despite the fact that he never won the championship or any major tittle in North America. So, are we going back to baseball?

But that’s not all, if Zlatan is focused on his future that most likely will be in Italy (the player is in advanced talks with AC Milan), the Galaxy is also thinking of the next offensive player that will be good enough for the supporters to forget the great and spectacular attacker who was Ibra.

Cavani has an agreement with Inter Miami CF

According to Sky Italia news, the LA Galaxy recruiters are thinking of moving onto Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan had already taken over (at the forefront of the attack) of the Swedish in the PSG, his contract will up by June 30. A good deal for interested clubs because it will cost nothing in transfer fee. Contacts between the attacker and the club would have already been established if we believe the Italian publication.

Except that’s not all. Indeed, LAG could anticipate a recruitment in January, if the PSG agreed. Very doubtful when we know the relations between IMCF and PSG. the Beckham franchise is also said to have an (unsigned) deal with El Matador. It is in this small hole of mouse that the leaders of the club of LA is trying to slip to offer to his supporters an excellent attacker and to Cavani a beautiful end of career under the sun. We’d rather him to choose Miami’s sun.

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