Julian Carranza’s first interview since signing with Miami

Julian Carranza signed last week with Inter Miami CF. While we will have to wait for the next MLS season to see him wear our colors on the field, the club published a video of his Miami trip, capturing the player’s first impressions. Touching.

The Interview

Inter Miami: When did you start playing?

Julian Carranza: Pro or as a kid?

IM: As a kid

JC: At 6 years old… a long time ago. I had a week long trial (with Banfield), they told me that I have earned a spot, and the following week I could move to Buenos Aires… I made the decision in two days -over the week end- and I decided to go play Football. At 13 years old, I moved to Buenos Aires

IM: How big is your hometown?

JC: Not big, about 20,000 residents

IM: Where is it?

JC: It’s in Cordoba province, 600 Kilometers from Buenos Aires

IM: How long does it takes to get there?

JC: 6 and a half hour, it’s a bit far

IM: And your parents were not with you?

JC: No, I went alone

IM: At 13 years old you left home?

JC: Yes

IM: What is your hometown called?

JC: Oncativo

IM: From Oncativo to Buenos Aires

JC: Alone. At the club dormitory

IM: What was that like?

JC: It was complicated. At the start, it was very complicated. I missed my mom. I missed my friends. My siblings, my whole family. It was a very sudden change in my life, from seeing them every day… to nothing, in two days. It was complicated. I thought about going back home in the early months when I was homesick. But I made a decision to move to Buenos Aires and to play Football, and that’s where I was. And I’ve been in Buenos Aires until today. It also gives you the motivation, the determination to say “I can also do great things, I can also… like in your example what James (?) did. He had a great season (with Banfield) and at that time James went to Europe. I think it gives you great motivation to say that “I can also do great things”.

About Miami: It’s a beautiful city. To me, personally, I like the city. I prefer the city life, and this city has a beach, which is a nice plus. I think that kids should not give up on their dreams. You have to do everything with a lot of dedication and efforts. You have to put the time and determination to achieve things and to find your place and stay there. I believe that dreams are meant to be followed, so they should follow their dreams with a lot of efforts and perseverance, because it takes time, but one day you’ll make it.

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