Julián Carranza becomes Inter Miami’s second Signing

The Argentinian network is working in full force. A young prospect is expected to pass his medicals next week, another attacking midfielder that will no doubt find his automatism with fellow Matias Pellegrini. 

Who is Julian Carranza?

This 6 million dollar (his price) question will be on every Inter Miami fan’s mind next week, as the player himself has shared an exclusive picture of his new colors. A much lower profile than Pellegrini, Carranza is another bet on the future, proof that the club’s policy will not be to overspend on old players, but rather build a competitive team that will also increase the player’s value.

More money to buy bigger players, win the MLS, it’s the dream of every fan and it is taking form right before our eyes.

Carranza has only played 3 games, but Banfield’s coach is the legendary Hernan Crespo. He certainly gave fellow legend David Beckham precious tips on Julian’s potential, and with such restrictions in the rules of trading in the MLS, every move will be key, and possibly damaging if a side of the team shows weakness during the season. The player was previously linked with behemoths like Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Betting on future talents may not be immediately gratifying, but when they break and are resold for a fortune in Europe, everyone will praise Beckham’s vision. Until this day arrives, we all welcome you to Miami, Julian Carranza!

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