Is Inter Miami CF going after Mauricio Pochettino?

The ousted Tottenham coach is looking at his next challenge, and opens the door to other leagues. A good opportunity for Inter Miami CF? #QuestForaCoach

After 5 and a half years managing Tottenham, the Argentinian technician ended up being fired following a complicated start to the season. Only half a season after the Champions League final lost last June against Liverpool. Now it is Mourinho who has taken over from the Spurs but that does not prevent Pochettino from staying in the news, while resting. He spoke to Sky Sports about his plans for the future.

His name has already been associated with Manchester United and even Arsenal, that went for Arteta. “Of course, I like the Premier League, I like the English fans. I think it’s one of the best championships in the world and I think it’s so exciting for any manager to be in the Premier League, ”said the former player.

A future elsewhere than in the Premier League?

However, he does not make this league a priority. It must be said that he already knew England well between Southampton (2013/2014) and Tottenham (2014-2019) and thinks he can look elsewhere. “We will see, there is not only the Premier League, there are different championships in the world, different clubs which can be exciting to offer you a challenge perhaps a little different“, indicates the one that seems to fit the “ex-top level player and top level coach” promised by Inter Miami’s ownership.

Now it is true that we have not had time to think about the future (with its staff). We only thought of ourselves, to recover and to be ready, because that is the key point. You have to be ready when something happens and be ready to give a club that cares about you the best you can, “said Pochettino. No doubt that his words will be carefully listen in Miami, and there could even be already a move in motion. We will keep an eye on Pochettino’s next move.

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