Is Cavani becoming a Real Life Matador?


Victim of many injuries in recent months, Edinson Cavani relapsed again this weekend during a Ligue 1 game, PSG versus Toulouse (4-0) on Sunday. Getting older, losing confidence, with a contract that expires next June and possibly joining Inter Miami CF by next summer, will the Uruguayan striker find his get his level back? 

He is injured again … 10 minutes. This is the time that held Edinson Cavani on the lawn of the Parc des Princes during the victory of Paris Saint-Germain Toulouse (4-0) on Sunday. Less than 15 minutes of play before returning to the locker room, with the face of bad days, head down.

An unusually fragile player, the Uruguayan striker could not hold longer because of a hip injury on an innocent strike of the left foot (after an offside). A physical glitch he has already experienced last February, right flank, after a powerful shot on a penalty against Bordeaux. An injury that caused him to miss nearly two months of competition. 

6 injuries in the past year only

While waiting for the verdict, one can legitimately ask questions about the possibility of seeing a fit enough Cavani next summer. Since his arrival in 2013, until 2018, the “La Celeste” superstar had only one serious injury, in February 2014, in the Achilles tendon, with three weeks of unavailability. This past year, the native of Salto is already at 6 injuries!

Cavani seems to be starting to feel the weight of the years on his body. Soon 33 years old, the ex Napoli player has more and more difficulties finding his balance on the field. Especially since he has already changed his game by participating less and less in defensive tasks.

Worse yet, the Uruguayan Striker has still not cleared doubts about his ability to combine with his partners, who are increasingly difficult to find. His first two games in Ligue 1 this season attest to this troubled period. Less than a year from the end of his contract, the idea of the Matador redeeming himself is anything but utopian. He will have to prove himself this season.

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