Is Beckham Playing the Football Manager Simulation? How Miami is building a Team of Wonderkids

With the signing of Christian Makoun, a third player is about to join the Inter Miami CF roster. While some may grow impatient for a recognized name to join the project, savvy Football fans can clearly see the club’s transfer policy. And it looks more and more like a football Manager ((c) SEGA) game. Discover the world of the Wonderkids speculation.

Its official Christian Makoun has signed a contract with Inter Miami CF. As announced over the weekend by a very reliable source Michelle Kaufman from the Miami Herald.

He may already be in Miami passing his medical exams since the club seems to like signing players over the weekend. Makoun would become the third professional player to join the team.

A defensive midfielder that has already accumulated a very nice experience for his young age. He played the prestigious Champions League Youth League for Juventus (7 games) and even though the club did not go far, Makoun has shown a lot of solidity in his defensive midfielder position.

The young midfielder also plays for Venezuela’s under 20 team. Despite the interest of Real Madrid and Arsenal, Inter is making a move on the player since Juventus did not offer him a contract. 

A player that will have a fast adaptation in Miami, with many Venezuelans living in the city, young and free. What does it mean for our franchise? In order to understand Makoun, but also Pellegrini and Carranza’s transfer, we introduce you to the craziest simulation in the world: Football Manager.

From Hazard to Griezmann, most players and managers play FM

Football Manager is a simulation where you control a team and try to win titles, or at least not get fired by the board. The simulation runs on PC or MAC and has been existing since 2000. It has the widest existing database of 550,000! players.

Books have been written and even a full documentary can be watched on Youtube on how addictive this game is for any Football fan. From Griezmann to Hazard and everyone in between, Snaps or Social Media posts from professional players showing off their team’s Palmares and lineup in 2028 are legion. 

There are several ways to play FM. You can pick Chelsea and enjoy a strong existing team, and plenty of money to buy whoever you want, and try to win everything.

But real FM players would choose a smaller team, and try the toughest challenge of winning the League or even the Champions League with it. Without money or stars to trade, how can they compete with the league’s top teams? They buy wonderkids. 

A wonder kid is a very young player that represents a high prospect for the future. He is generally present in young national teams and gets a younger than average first-team appearance.

With a limited budget, a manager would try to sign those young players as cheap as possible, make them progress and potentially resell them 3 to 5 years later at their maximum price. Tens of millions are in play.

The right wonderkid bought 3 or 4 million at 19 years old, could end up being sold 10 times its buying price. They also have a lot of stamina and are eager to prove. So the question is simple: did we sign wonderkids?

The question should be: is David Beckham an avid Football Manager player? He knows that the MLS level is still far from the 5 main European leagues. For most young players, it’s a perfect environment to grow, while staying ambitious and part of an exiting project.

So maybe he doesn’t but we do. And something came immediately up to our attention: 3 out of 3 players are well known and part of an exclusive list of the 2019 simulation edition: The wonderkids.

According to the mirror, all 3 of our players are listed as high future value and extreme potential in their article “FM 19 Best Young Players in the Game”. Pellegrini, Carranza, and Makoun are listed, and any FM player goes through this list to maximize their future transfer budget and benefits. Very serious UK’s Guardian goes further and lists Makoun in the “Next Generation’s Best Young Talents”. Inter’s co-owner Jorge Mas already told us that the club will sign experienced players and an experienced coach. Any FM player would dream about being able to build a team from scratch, we are seeing it unfold before our eyes, and we love it so far!


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