Interview with Arturo Acosta on the signing of his son George with Inter Miami CF

Earlier this week, we spoke about Christian Pusilic and his new challenge with Chelsea. Inter Miami CF will also have its own wonderkid, Miami born George Acosta. No doubts that he will be the absolute fan favorite. We spoke to his father Arturo Acosta about his first impressions

Inter305: Hello Arturo, and congratulations for the signing of your son with Inter Miami CF! George is pursuing his dream with a club that will clearly mark the history of our city and worldwide. How proud are you about it?

Arturo Acosta: I am very proud to have George coming back home after spending 4 years (in Argentina) with first Estudiantes de la Plata, then Boca Juniors.

I305: He made his formation with top clubs in Argentina

AA: As you know, (in the Football) world of today, it is hard to grow, learn and get better for a young player. So having this (long) international experience is very important.

I305: And now he is back home

AA: It feels great to see this signing for my son. And hopefully, it will open gates for all of the young talented players in the United States and especially in South Florida

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