Inter305 Investigate: The love/hate triangle between the club, the player and its agent

His name either calls for admiration or distrust among Football insiders. Renowned for its secret-service like mode of communication, Mino Raiola has a sulfurous reputation, which has not prevented him from finalizing flashy deals during many mercatos. A fine negotiator, his client portfolio continues to expand over time. From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Mario Balotelli, including Paul Pogba, Marco Verratti, or Matthis de Ligt and Blaise Matuidi to name a few, the Italian agent is nonetheless very discreet in the media. His media interventions, however rare they may be, always arouse a certain effervescence in the press.

A stone’s throw from the winter transfer window, the first real window that will count for Inter Miami CF, the main protagonist gave an interview to the Telegraph. The colorful agent gave inside scoops on his success in an environment qualified as “shark” where all blows are allowed. Obviously with the legendary modesty that characterizes him so well … “I am fortunate to be in a highly capitalized niche, and I am one of the best in this field, I think. I think so, because other people tell me. But quality must follow. You cannot build a company on bs and think that you are going to sell for a long time, “says Raiola. Before revealing one of its secrets which may explain its longevity in the industry.

The agents fine strategies with their players

One of the things my father taught me is that it is easy to sell something to someone once, but it is difficult to sell something to them a second time. So you have to be consistent. I always thought about my players: if he was my son, what would I do? This is my only philosophy, ” says Raiola. A winning strategy that has allowed him to attract many football stars into his nets. Another aspect that makes Mino Raiola essential in the world so popular with agents: its strong personality.

It seduces as much as it irritates, to the delight of its players. “No one dominates me. I don’t care who you are. The only ones who can possibly dominate me are my sons, and because of love, I leave them. I am a simple guy. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. But if you are looking for me, I can answer you, “says the agent. An insolent success that Mino Raiola owes to his hard work. Because the player never releases the pressure, and is always available to his players regardless of the time of day.

An agent point of you on the difference between great players and average players

My wife sometimes tells me to turn off my phone. But I cannot turn off my phone. Not because I can’t. I do not want ! I like it when they call. I’m worried if my phone doesn’t ring. There is something wrong, ”comments the representative of world champions Paul Pogba, Blaise Matuidi and Alphonse Areola. In the industry for many years, Mino Raiola took the opportunity to also analyze the differences between the big players and the players he considers “normal”.

The difference between a top player and other players is very easy. A top player places football at the heart of his life. And everything he does revolves around that. Whether it concerns his wife, children, cars, hobbies, home … So every decision is made with football in your mind. Normal players are just the opposite. They think about where their wife wants to live, what is the best school. But then they say, “Oh, I play football at West Ham. “Ah okay, so that’s the only difference,” said Raiola. The famous agent does not hide from recalling his feats of arms that shaped his legend. “I can say in 25 years that I have never cost a player money. I brought them money. I’m free. I am the best investment of their lives. Everything they thought was much smaller than what I thought and dreamed of. “Next January, Mino Raiola should still crack down on the transfer window. His players are already rubbing their hands, and we know more about the struggle to deal with agents for a new club like Inter Miami CF

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