Inter305 Investigate: The importance of community managers in Football

Today any important Football club is carefully working on their popularity, often far beyond the borders of their area, their region, or even their country. In order to reach as many people as possible, on social networks, the marketing teams of our the main clubs layer their presence in many countries and therefore communicate in several languages. To run these platforms, men and women are behind their computers or their mobile phones, they are called community managers.

A job that is still a bit in the shadows, it has tended to democratize in recent years and these community managers are more and more recognized and are becoming almost essential in a modern communication team. Thanks to its two speakers. So, what are their daily live? Focus.

For this job, one must above all be patient, understand the issues, be reactive and then its is necessary to know-how to create links. they grow the accounts gradually . The timing is also different than regular jobs. Often on Sunday, or a game day, post-match content is needed. This is indeed one of the peculiarities of the profession, even more in a football club. Being available at almost any time of the day, if important news is to be communicated. During transfers, for example, even if they are warned in advance. It is this ultra-availability that is quite complicated to manage. The second hardest point is surely the pressure: knowing how to use the right words, the right twists, hot, sometimes in a rush, knowing that the post will be read by several thousand people .

But precisely, during these hours, what do they do? Their charge is quite different. During the matches, they would post from the stadium, both at home and away, sitting in the press area, with the journalists. From a live tweet of the match, action by action, on Twitter, to feeding the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook accounts, they post some pictures of the match, and the score in real time. At the end of the match, they publish the result, and launch polls to elect the best player in the match, and conclude with a live tweet or live video from the post-match press conference. In a football club, there is almost always the news outside of matches, things to say. And that’s what makes the job so exciting.

The fact that everything today because of the importance of networks has become calculated, changes most of the communications. There is much less spontaneity. It’s less instantaneous, instinctive. It’s much more regulated, before there were more exchanges, more interactivity. People did not really realize how the social networks were going to take this important place. It is clear that social networks have become a cornerstone of club communication work and that the profession of community manager is today far from the troublemakers of the net that we liked to imagine in the early 2010’s. their new job to continue to share this passion with us around a club, a player or simply football which brings us all together.

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