Inter Miami in talks with 6-7 players at the moment

Inter Miami is currently working on speeding things up in the transfer market, as the new franchise begins to take place.

Paul McDonough, sporting director of Florida box, announced that they have the exact date in which they will announce their first two players – we currently have no information on the identity of these players.

Here are some players that have been linked to Inter Miami

Inter Miami’s team manager has spoken with the Miami Herald and specified that the club is currently in negotiations with six or seven players, the first couple could sign before the end of July. In addition, he added that by the end of September we can expect to have 4-8 players locked in with the club.

For now, Miami faces a complicated challenge, as the players who they buy at the moment, must remain on loan until December 2019.

McDonough already knows the profiles of the players he wants to sign and expects to have South American, Central American and European players in a list of 30.

So far, our two strongest leads continue to be, 19-year-old Argentinians, Jualián Carranza and Matías Pellegrini.

Where the team stands with the Status of Head Coach

McDonough still does not know which coach will take the reins of the team, but he has the time and right candidates as well as the confidence that the chosen coach will lead the take the team to glory.

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