Inter Miami CF to have a third division team

Another proof in the serious and long term vision was shown yesterday when Inter Miami CF announced the creation of a USL League One (equivalent of the 3rd division). Performing academy players and out of shape first team players will be able to play competitively, and maximize their growth

On the team’s website ( , Paul McDonough said “We are proud to close this deal and join a competitive league where our youth players can compete against quality opponents… USL League One will provide more opportunities for players from South Florida as well as elite international prospects.

Many other teams from the MLS have a presence in USL League One. Players from the Academy, that includes all ages up to the pro team, will have a real motivation to prove they can be called to this team. Any young player that performs in USL will have a better chance to appear with the pro team, and any injured player from the pro team will be able to resume competition in a lower paste.

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