Inter Miami CF has spotted a new wonderkid in Brazil, at Porto Alegre.

Giuliano Bertolucci is a well-known agent when it comes to prospects from Brazil. Most talks are around young Bruno Guimarães (21 years), a promising midfielder of Athlético Paranaense, when media outlet “Goal” said he was getting closer to a top European club.

But this name is not the only one to have been on the table if we believe the Brazilian media. “O Globoesporte” tells us about another player managed by Bertolucci, attacker Pepê (22 years). The Brazilian pocket striker (1m75, 66kg) is back up striker of Everton (23), winner of the Copa America with Brazil this summer. But despite its status of substitute, the native of Foz do Iguaçu is very showing above the average skills.

AS Roma and Porto are on him, but the player is not ready for Europe

In 2019, his first full year with the professional group, he scored already 11 times in 42 appearances. Performances that appeal to the skilled Inter Miami CF recruiters. And it is not only the Miami ones who are under his spell. “O Globoesporte” adds that AS Roma and FC Porto are also watching, even if his club denies any concrete approach from Europe. Does it means Inter Miami CF has a the lead here?

It may not be impossible, since every observer was surprised with Pellegrini’s signing, as he was promised to a “Champions League” level club. Miami seems to have the arguments to convince any young player.

According to his entourage, his current club is expecting and offer that would be over $11 million to let their striker go. Swirling, able to put the danger in all areas of the field through an exceptional ball drive, solid supports and a quality of skills above average. Grêmio, who contracted it until December 2022, would like to obtain as much money as possible of course. We will see if he is the next surprised.

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