Griezmann says he is made for the MLS

And only Inter Miami CF has his favors for the moment…

Things are clear for Antoine Griezmann (29), his career plan is almost already written. Arriving at FC Barcelona last summer, the 2018 world champion had some difficulties finding his place in the Blaugrana attack, despite fairly good statistics (8 goals and 4 assists in 26 La Liga matches), but it’s where he wanted to be. And the native of France already knows what he wants once he leaves Camp Nou.

Questioned by the Los Angeles Times, via the Zoom application, the international “Les Bleus” player (78 selections, 30 goals) was very clear while expressing its desire: to join the American Major League Soccer. “I don’t know which team, but I really want to play there. It’s a goal for me to end my career in the United States with the opportunity to play well and be part of the team and fight for a title, “he said. We know he didn’t want to tell the LA reporters that he already chose, and he not only comes every year in Miami but has also announced his plans to some of his local friends (including our source). He will play for us!!

A very clear message, which will not surprise anyone since he has already expressed his desire to evolve across the Atlantic several times as one of his references, David Beckham. What is new is that he gave the timing this time. “But first I want to win La Liga, the Champions League with Barça. There is another World Cup in Qatar, and after that, it will be MLS, ”he said.

To summarize, at the end of the 2022/23 season, when he will be 32 years old, Antoine Griezmann, to whom there will only be one more year of contract with Barça (June 2024), has a great chance of joining the American championship. This is likely to disappoint more than one European team, and make us happy…

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