Godin already talking about leaving Inter Milan

It was one of Inter Milan’s big hits last summer. Arrived for free, the Uruguayan defender Diego Godin came to form an unbreakable defense with Skriniar and De Vrij. But not everything is going as planned …

Beware: there is a new sheriff in town!” Diego Godin is an Inter Milan player “. On July 1, Inter Milan formalized the transfer of Diego Godin, free from contract after 9 seasons at Atletico Madrid. The Italian press made a big splash and talked about the wall built by the Nerazzurri with the three-man defense made up of Skriniar, De Vrij and Godin. Antonio Conte would be delighted. Seven months later, however, Diego Godin was not at all an indisputable factor in the top defense of Serie A (16 goals conceded). An oddity with regard to the carreer of Godin, who is also one of the highest paid players in the club.

Still, the 33-year-old defender (he will be 34 in a month) does not fully meet the expectations of his coach and Italian football. The main reason is the defensive system with 3 defenders, completely different than his role with Madrid.

Young defender Bastoni put him on the bench

In fact, after 19 games of Serie A, the Uruguayan has only started 9 times. In UEFA Champions League, he played 5 of the 6 group matches. Antonio Conte, aware of his player’s age, has often preserved him in the league to benefit from his European experience in big games. This was not glaring, especially during the 3-2 defeat to Borussia Dortmund on November 5. Since this match, Godin seems to have lost credit in the eyes of his coach. Which brings us to the second cause of its poor season: the uprising of Alessandro Bastoni.

Bought for over $15 million from Atalanta, Bastoni has made room for himself in the Conte system. The Italian coach is full of praise for his young 20-year-old defender. “I am here to make choices and Alessandro is a great talent. This is our future, but also our present, “he said on January 6 after the Naples-Inter Milan game. He has now 9 starts in Serie A, as much as Godin.

Faced with a system he does not master and unexpected competition, the imperial Godin is no longer. Its limits are blatantly apparent, such as its lack of speed, which is much more obvious when it comes to defending regularly on the right side for example. Even on its qualities, it is sometimes taken in default. As in the last Serie A match against Atalanta, where he was beaten in an aerial duel by Malinovskiy for the equalizer.

Italy is disappointed? We’ll welcome you in Miami!

If the decline of Godin is barely commented on in Spain, where his last season with Atlético had already been judged to be much worse and where his peak is dated to the 2013-2014 season, it begins to be a topic in Italy, who expected a lot from such a player. Officially, Diego Godin is feeling well and is not overly moved by his current situation. Besides, he had vigorously responded with a press release to a first rumor from Spain about a desire to return to Atlético …

However, it’s not that easy to cash in for a player like him. He could definitely do good in MLS and his fighting South American spirit and experience would be more than needed at Inter Miami CF. Room for negotiation?

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