Gallardo: Inter Miami CF or FC Barcelona?

Following the the MLS Draft, a small interview with Jorge Mas confirmed that Inter Miami CF has already picked their coach, and that they will announce it very soon. The MLS commentators were prompt to reveal that Marcelo Gallardo would be the chosen. As we wrote previously, with Fc Barcelona and many Premiere League clubs trying to get him, it would be pure magic if he chose Miami

In recent weeks, the name of Marcelo Gallardo has come back insistently on the side of Barcelona. Named as one of the possible replacement for a very criticized Ernesto Valverde, the Argentinian knows that his future is much talked about everywhere. But according to River Plate’s president Rodolfo D’Onofrio, El Muñeco has not been contacted to join Catalonia or Inter Miami CF.

It’s not true. I do not know where this rumor came from. There is no offer. That Marcelo has a bright future, I have no doubt. It’s a phenomenon. he is a very intelligent, humble coach, a leader, a worker and has proven his commitment, not only in terms of results, but also in his work with young people. River is on the right track. (…) I do not think about after Gallardo. he will make a decision according to his feelings, “he told new outlet “Clarin”.

Even Pep Guardiola says it

Marcelo Gallardo has also been linked by the Argentine “TNT” media as the next coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola told the same media that he would very much like to see the River Plate technician in Europe. He is also surprised by El Muñeco’s lack of international recognition.

What Gallardo does in River is amazing. I do not understand that he was never named one of the top three coaches of the year. We have the impression that only Europe exists. (…) I hope to be able to face him one day “, argues the technician of Manchester City, and former coach of Barça. Chosing Miami as his next destination will project the club as a serious contender, coached by one of the best in business. Patience.

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