Focus on LAFC before the opening MLS Game

With a historic debut expected against one of the best MLS team, Inter Miami CF may be able to use the fatigue created by the Los Angeles Football Club during their loss in CONCACAF

Next week will be historic. After years of speculations, Miami will finally compete in the country’s major league. Somehow fit, after a short but intense preseason, their first competitve game will be in Los Angeles, versus LA Fc (streaming live). For the second Los Angeles club, this season is crucial, and thier good performances from last year will just add pressure to continue performing. Of course, they have a good roster and MLS last year’s top scorer. Can Miami beat them?

While Inter Miami was ending its preseason with a win versus Tampa, LAFC lost their CONCACAF first game 2-0 versus the Mexican club of Leon. They will have to win with a larger goal difference in their home game, only two MLS teams did it in the past. It is a clear advantage for Inter Miami CF to face a team that will most likely be tired, playing for their season this early.

But the MLS is not the Champions League. LAFC broke the MLS record for points last year and broke many other records. A team that would be almost impossible to take at home normally. But the energy they will lose in their two CONCACAF games will be key, and Alonso certainly knows that. Last year, LAFC lost only 13 games. The fewest in the league.

Carlos Vela, the factor X

They also have very strong supporters

LAFC has reinforced its roster this winter. Coach Thorrington said that he values long-term consistency over flashes of brilliance. He will have to face pressure while in transition after pushing out four key players. This winter, Thorrington traded away goalkeeper Tyler Miller and center back Walker Zimmerman, while losing Steven Beitashour and of course Lee Nguyen to Inter Miami during the draft. 

You sometimes have to make tough decisions that affect things on and off the field,” Thorrington said to LA Times. “And yes it is a change. That means other guys have to step up. We make those decisions confident that the guys we bring in, as well as the guys that are here, will grow into new and different roles in a way that will serve the club.

LAFC 2-0 loss to Leon in CONCACAF

LAFC plays in the wide 4-3-3, and Alsonso will surely adapt and use his favorite system as well. They like to play very high and try to get the ball in the opponent’s camp. They couple this pressure with a perfectly lined defense that loves to play the offside trap. We believe in Alonso to inspire from Leon and crack this new defense. The game will stream live on Inter305.

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