FIFA will limit loans starting next season

FIFA is about to change the rules of the game for the next transfer windows. Thus, the board committee met in Zurich with the ultimate objective of making some adjustments in the area of ​​transfers. One of the flagship measures concerns the limitation of loans for players aged 22 and over. The new regulations, which are subject to the approval of the Players’ Status Committee and the FIFA Council from July 2020, stipulate that international loans will now be limited.

A limit of eight incoming and outgoing loans will thus be established with a transition period, starting next season. This will grow to six entrants and exits by the fiscal year 2022-2023, with a maximum of three incoming loans and three outgoing loans between the same clubs. As a reminder, the committee is made up of representatives from clubs, leagues, and players, but also from member associations, confederations, and the FIFA administration.

Limiting loans and creating a fund to finance training allowances

Another measure to be adopted by the body is the creation of a fund to partially finance the payment of training allowances. This will be financed by an additional levy of 1% on the transfer costs. An initiative to reward clubs for their training efforts. The FIFA Exchange Center will enable the different parties to obtain traceability in the payment of training allowances.

Automated payments which should thus solve the problem on the payment of its famous indemnities. This proposal will be sent to the FIFA Council for effective implementation in 2022. Decisions which should relieve certain clubs which are desperately awaiting the payment of training allowances and at the same time regulate the loan market, a real alternative to dry transfers for the clubs.

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