LA FAMILIA – Exclusive Interview with the 3 Inter Miami CF Official Supporter Groups

They have fierce names – “Southern Legion“, “The Siege” and “Vice City 1896” (listed in alphabetical order). They are the 3 official Supporter Groups for Inter Miami CF. With the club still in the early stages of building up the team, the hype is real among Football fans, and these groups are already making national headlines. Inter305 has asked them the questions every IMCF fan wants to know. Discover the first part of this insightful interview. #Nofilter

Inter305: Can you present your Supporter Group to our readers?

Southern Legion: We are the original Inter Miami Supporters Group that pretty much started it all back in 2002. The Southern Legion/Legion del Sur definitely has the history. We are the ones that told Marcelo Claure about David Beckham’s contractual option to acquire an MLS franchise at a reduced expansion fee. Jorge Mas calls us “The Heart Beat of our Club”

The Siege: It has been founded by all pillars of the community: coaches, players and most importantly Football fans. The Siege is Inter Miami CF’s most inclusive supporter’s club. Like the herons on our club’s crest, we lead with passion, unity and unwavering loyalty. Our mission is to deliver a next level fan experience both during home and away games. When we are not singing and waving our flags, we strive to be community leaders, organizing charity and outreach events.

Vice City 1896: We are Vice City 1896, the hardcore supporters of Inter Miami. Our approach to the club has been genuine, in the sense that we never had an objective to grow bigger than we were. At first, it was just a small group of people, getting together to talk about Football. As we grew in numbers, we searched for a place to gather, play and talk. Since most of us are parents, we decided to reunite at “Stadio” (Miami Indoor Soccer) every Saturday mornings. Since we started for the past 8 months, friends brought friends, and that is how we grew. We are very cool and don’t tolerate any form of violence, discrimination, and even though we have this image of being hardcore and dark, but the reality is that we are taking the aesthetics of European branding and making it a family setting. Everybody’s welcome.

The Siege fans already chanting during a U14 Game (c) The Siege

I305: Are you happy with the team’s structure and players so far?

SL: The team is concentrating on young players so far and we believe this is the right direction. Pellegrini and Carranza are part of the Argentina national team (U23), and both are players with great qualities. They have a bright future. So far, so good.

TS: Yes, the team has come together nicely. The organization is top-notch and first class. The players so far look talented if a little on the younger side, but we know that there is a plan in place, and we are exited to see the roster fill out

VC: For the most part we are. We think they are doing a great job in keeping us informed. We are not really looking for the big names, like Falcao, Cavani or Messi. We’d rather the team to buy young and talented players. We want the future like Jose Martinez. Like Carranza, he’s our dawg right there! We want young, South American star players. You place a couple of veterans around them, and we think it’s the recipe for success. 

Southern Legion fans on fire after a goal during a U14 game (c) Southern Legion

I305: Which player would you like to sign with Inter Miami CF?

SL: Of course, we would love to see Messi or Ronaldo. Who wouldn’t? But we would settle any day for Cavani, Suarez or Bale ha,ha. We need a big name. Someone that will be a leader and drag the young talents for the team to be able to build around them.

TS: Honestly, any player or coach who will help us win tittles is welcomed and wanted.

VC: Haha… Messi. Ronaldo. But seriously, there is a bigger picture here. It’s about the growth of Football in North America. It is not everyday that a new club shows up, so we just love seeing the organization building from the ground up, and seeing the growth of the younger Academy players, for us that’s huge. And to be able to bridge inner cities or street Soccer players to real competition. If we can create that, it will be amazing. But Miami also has the right setting for legends looking to end their pro careers. Miami is a perfect vacation place, Messi has been here many summers. He loves it and owns an apartment too. We want a good, competitive team. We think that Paul (McDonough) is doing a great job at putting all of this together. We totally adopted his culture. He’s bringing the South American players, we’re bringing the South American flavor!

Vice City 1896 members, getting ready for game day (c) Vice City 1896

I305: For a basic Miami fan, what would make him or her chose to be a member of your group?

SL: The Southern Legion is a family. Everyone that comes to our events and meet us becomes a member of our group. Our policy as a supporter group is to be all inclusive. We want to appeal to everyone. Our chants, for the most part, are originals. Nothing you will ever hear in another MLS stadium. And last but not least, we have got the most history so far. Remember that we helped bring the MLS to Miami!

TS: We feel that we are Miami. Many people from many different places. Not one way of doing things. Not one way of being. We feel that if you want to join The Siege, you’re already in The Siege.

VC: Our core values are: we take pride in our city. Every nationality is represented here. Miami is our home, and it was founded in 1896. That is why we included the number to our name. We also are the gateway to Latin America, and we want to celebrate this! Some people are in Miami for 20 years, and they miss this Football culture. When they see us, they can’t believe we are bringing it here, in their hometown. 

Don’t miss the second part of this cross-supporter groups interview coming soon! To become part of one of these official supporter groups, find them here:

Southern Legion ~ Web: Twitter: @Southern_legion InstaGram: @southernlegionmia Facebook: @southernlegionmia

The Siege ~ Web: Twitter: @SiegeMiami InstaGram: @siegemiami Facebook: @siegemiami

Vice City 1896 ~ Web: Twitter: @VICECITY1896 InstaGram: @VICECITY1896 Facebook: @VICECITY1896

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