Exclusive: Brody Logan on Inter Miami CF, the team potential and his MLS favorites

The savvy sports commentator spoke to Inter305.com and doesn’t hold his words. Can Miami make it to the playoffs? Does he likes the roster? #Unfiltered

Inter305.com: Hi Brody Logan, how are you? Tell us about yourself

Brody Logan: Hi, I am originally from Fort Pierce, which is north of Miami, home of UM (University of Miami), and my career has been kind of all over the place. I got my start as an intern at “The Price is Right!” I was a contestant on the show, right out of school, and I told the host to give me an internship, and fought my way out to get this internship. Then worked in LA for a few years, in TV and shows, and started covering college Baseball, college Football… just kind of on the road for 2, 3 months, then home for a few months, then back on the road. Always focused on sports, I started freelancing for ESPN, and for the last 6, 7 years or so, I have been doing local sports coverage. I was in DC for 5 years, and I have been here in Denver for 2 years now.

“They speak about those massive names, and they end up trading Agudelo”

I305: What do you think about Inter Miami’s organisation so far?

BL: I like the organisation. I do like what they have done, especially getting some young 19 years old from South America. It’s still better to have promising players than just get some establish older names that may or may not still be good. Like Cincinnati FC did when they started. However, I think they did a poor job at managing expectations. Because it is not only the rumors. It is Beckham going, and meeting with members of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. He knows all theses big names, and that paves the road into the rumor sphere. They speak about those massive names, and they end up trading Juan Agudelo, which I think is really good. He was at one point supposed to be a top striker before some really bad injuries. But compared to the insane names that have been rumored? I don’t know. I just think the team, the way it is, so far they’ve done a poor job at managing expectations. It’s not like they denied those rumors. I think they saw it as good PR, to be associated with huge names, I think they ended up showing that when you put our on a pitch a relatively decent squad without a real name that the general public knows and get exited about, I think it kind of hurts the expectations.

I305: Do you have a favorite player in the current Inter Miami roster? Or a player that you see great potential in?

BL: I do like the roster in general, and I feel the team is in a way done. I think that the way it has been constituted is going to make it a fun team to watch. A mix of MLS veterans that are somehow OK, like a Robles. And then, you have a few really exiting young South American players that unless you have some insane TV package, you’ve never seen play! It could really blossom into something. It’s kind of trying to put together under the same mold that Atlanta did. And even though I haven’t seen much on those guys outside of YouTube, I like what they are doing. 

I305: Do you see Inter Miami CF making it to the playoffs?

BL: I think so. It just depends on how long the team is going to take to glue together. But the East league is always wide open. It’s not extremely talented. Toronto has so much talent but it’s not like they can’t be taken down. DC United, they are going through changes. There is so much changes in the East League, that I don’t see any reason why Inter Miami couldn’t compete in their first season and grab the playoffs spot

I305: Who do you see winning the MLS 2020?

BL: Haha. Not Miami, as nice as that would be. I really think that this is the year DC United does it. Just because they continue making those moves, second season at the Audi field, it’s became a really nice home field, and having the best goalkeeper in the MLS helps. DC United could get another star this season.

I305: Did you know about Diego Alonso as a coach before he signed with Miami?

BL: I did not. 

I305: Do you think he is the coach Miami needs?

BL: I do. I don’t know too much about him but I like his experiences with Monterrey, and some big clubs in South America. But he seems like a flexible coach, and it is important in this case because it is a brand new team. It’s not like playing Football Manager (the game). It’s a real team that starts from scratch. So I do like that he has the flexibility and the resources to grow the team, and having establish players at one point. So it will be interesting to see how he manages the team as it grows.

I305: Which designated player should Inter Miami CF sign?

BL: Gosh.. That’s tough.. All of the different names that have been out there.. But if you look at what Zlatan did with LA Galaxy. They didn’t win but he took them to the payoffs, to the post season. He scored so much he was so exiting and such a big personality. Because a scorer will make people happy but will not excite the general public. But if you bring a big player. You don’t really need to bring another South American player, the team has enough, but even a player like Sturrige, now that people have seen what Zlatan did, would come over, score a bunch of goals in MLS, and you could make your way back into Europe. So it doesn’t have to be someone that’s completely done. It should be someone that is a relative name to the general public but will score and give an ash to the game. It doesn’t have to be that big of a name but someone that is established and will get the public exited. 

I305: Thanks Brody! And what’s next for you?

BL: I do have some things cooking but I cannot reveal anything right now. You’ll just have to follow me on Twitter @brodylogan

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