Did Unai Emery declined coaching Inter Miami CF?

Speaking to the BBC, the former Arsenal coach explains that he was approached by several clubs, but will not come back to the field this year. Another lead going away for Inter Miami. And the season start gets closer. #QuestForaCoach

The London adventure of Unai Emery lasted a little over a year. After a promising first season, with a Europa League final lost to Chelsea and a fifth position – just a point behind the fourth Tottenham – in the Premier League, the Basque took got fired in late November. His team was then eighth in the championship, on a disastrous dynamic. “The decision was made following the results and performance far from the required level,” said the club on its official website. In an interview with the BBC, the Spanish coach spoke about his last complicated weeks at the helm of the Gunners, and his future.

I was very satisfied with the way things went (during its first season, editor’s note), because I think we learned how to become a team, an efficient and competitive team, and which showed why Arsenal had appeal to me. I think we were successful on that side, we just needed to take this last step forward. This season, we had started as well and I had the feeling – the club too – that the successes of the previous season were taken into account and that now we were looking to develop together, to the point where we were talking about a new contract ”, launched the tactician, who wanted to thank Arsenal and showed much respect for the London club throughout the interview.

He has already refused proposals

But according to him, everything went into a spin after an international break, while the team was on a good dynamic. He is probably referring to the international truce in October, since his team has won only one game since (Ljungberg was on the bench against West Ham). “Before the break, we were third, then when we returned for the first game, the frustrations of the poor results started to make us bad in the following matches. We lost confidence, and it’s true that we lost stability. In one month everything broke. We were unable to win and the question we asked ourselves, “what is happening to us?” Became a steamroller for us, “added the former Sevillan.

“When that happens, the coach is the first to be singled out. I’ve experienced this in other clubs but I managed to reverse the trend by putting the team back on the right track, but at Arsenal this month was terrible. Relatives told me “I see you are suffering”, and I answered them “clearly”, “he said, before deciding on his future. If he has been approached by several clubs to believe his words, he wants to rest and recharge with his family to be in great shape for his next challenge. We should therefore not see him again on a bench in the coming months.

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