DC United 2-1 Inter Miami CF: Players Grades


R. Robinson: 6.5/10
He had a tough game versus LAFC, but he showed a lot of potential at DC. The game may have had a very different outcome if he didn’t get injured right before half time. He is taken by surprise when a ball bounces on Pizzaro and can’t score (1′), but he is instrumental in the goal 30 seconds later, by dribbling two defenders and launching Morgan. Very active all along with his presence on the field. We want to see him score now! Replaced by Agudelo (see below)

L. Morgan: 6.5/10
We pointed out his lack of chemistry with Pizzaro during game one. Apparently, last week of training together did marvels. He was the poison of the team, creating most of the chances for Miami from his right-wing, and giving many good balls to Robinson and Pizzaro. He disappeared a bit in the second half, mainly because of Agudelo’s bad placement. Promising.

R. Pizzaro: 6/10
He will stay Inter Miami CF’s first scorer forever. Very active during the first half, maybe a bit too aggressive, he slowly turned off with the minutes. He made great defensive efforts but from the moment the team was reduced to 10 players, he had more difficulties. A good game overall, way better than the first game. He will hopefully continue his adaptation and become the key player we are all expecting.


L. Robles: 4/10
He was masterful during game one. But this time, despite a great save during the first half, he showed a great deal of uncertainty. His long passes would never find a teammate, and while there is nothing he can do on the penalty kick, he is totally guilty on the second goal, completely misleading the ball’s trajectory. A day off, and losing his best central defender clearly didn’t help.

B. Sweat: 4/10
Still in the continuity of his LA game. A strong defender that stays focused on the ball and shows a good balance between aggressivity and seriousness. But his passes forward are catastrophic. He played a launching role in Miami’s goal, but all of his passes were going right back in DC’s feet. Inside Alonso’s 3-5-2 tactic, he has to play high. Clearly not yet at ease with his position. Work on your attacking passes Ben!


J. Figal: 3.5/10
He was imperial versus LA, this time not. His position was way too left for him to control the axis. He showed a lot of aggressivity and made too many fouls, getting a yellow card that was more orange than yellow. After Reyes’s expulsion, he was replaced more in the center of the defense and we started seeing a better Figal. He can do better!

D. Nealis: 3.5/10
For his first start with Inter Miami CF, Nealis has been somehow transparent. Very difficult to express all of his potentials as a center midfielder when he constantly needs to cover for the missing wingers. He spent his time filling the wholes and that impacted his creative game. Not a player made for 3-5-2 as of yet.

W. Trapp: 3.5/10
Miami central midfielder was eaten by the vivacity of LAFC’s attacking line. Too little balls recouped too little passes towards the attack and a clear lack of control. Rest to see if Trapp can raise his level against teams that are weaker than LAFC. He showed some cute technic as well. Replaced by Pellegrini(not graded), that just confirmed how much more organized Miami would be on a 4-3-2-1 (Alonso’s past team formations)

R. Torres: 3/10
He started the game the same way he played the week before. Some strong saves (20′, 26′, 27′). But his voluntary hand as the last defender is inexcusable, and his red card cost the annulment of Robinson’s goal, his exclusion and certainly the game! Not what we expect from an experienced player like him. Those mistakes in the MLS competition are always paid cash, he should remember that this season.

A.Reyes: 3/10
He had a lot of activity and tried his best, but when he lost his companion Torres, he seemed lost. Another victim of the 3-5-2, he will have to adapt and cover his right side better if Alonso keeps this formation. He showed some good things and was able to raise his level. Hopefully for a full game next week.

J. Agudelo: 2.5/10
Casper the ghost. He entered to replace Robinson for the full second half, and touches his first ball at the 79 minutes! Missed much of his tries, we would have preferred to see Pellegrini instead of him. He can do better!

V. Ulloa: 2.5/10
He is the one starting to raise questions. His second game as a starter, Diego Alonso clearly trusts him as an XI starting player. Eaten by LAFC midfield last week, he tried to be offensive without aiming during the first half but is completely guilty when he provokes the penalty. He did not fix his game after and even loss his cool, getting a yellow card that could have been red. He needs to step up!

Understand our grading grid:

– from 0 to 2 – HORRIBLE: The player sucked. Period!

– from 2.5 to 3.5 – FLOPS : The player missed his match. He can do better.

– from 4 to 4.5 – MEDIOCRE: The player is under average, and did not give it all for its team.

– from 5 to 6 – CORRECT. The performance was acceptable, but we expect players to give 110% and get better grades.

– from 6.5 to 7 – SATISFACTORY: Finally! A good performance. The player was good overall, and he did the job!

– from 7.5 to 8.5 – TOP: A very good game. The player gave everything he has to his team and we can’t ask for so much more.

– from 9 to 10 – EXCEPTIONAL. Don’t fool yourself, those grades will not be given very often. It would have to be a truly exceptional game from a player to go this high!

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