Christian Makoun’s First Interview Since Signing with Miami

Christian Makoun just signed for Inter Miami CF. The club published the first words on the player in a video interview with the club. Intense…

About his prehistoric nicknames…

Christian Makoun: “Tyrannosaurus Rex”, or “The Beast”, or “Dinosaur”. When we were kids, I was always bigger than my teammates, so when we were joking around at that time, I’d always act like a dinosaur and gave us a good laugh. That’s where the nickname comes from.

About where he grew up…

CM: I was born in Valencia, in Carabobo State. I grew up in a neighborhood called Santa Ana. I grew up taking my first steps in Football in an alley there. For memories of my childhood, the first thing I think of is my mom. She was always taking me everywhere when I was a little kid. She picked me up from school, took me to practice. I started at the Hermandad Gallega Athletic Club when I was really young. After that came Sebastian (his manager), who has been like a father to me. He’s given me advice throughout my life, and thanks to God now we’ve done great things. 

About Inter Miami CF…

CM: I can’t wait to put on this jersey. What (the club) already shown me has been amazing, from what I’ve seen, the seriousness here… I am going to give everything to bring recognition to this club, and at the same time bring recognition to myself. I believe this is a golden opportunity that I have to take advantage of. 

About his qualities as a defender

CM: I believe the first thing I bring to the club is the heart. In the locker room, I am a player that will always lift his teammates before anything else. I’ll bring leadership, and (always will be) a positive example. On the field, everybody has their virtues and their own impact. I’ll bring a lot defensively, and I can contribute to the build-up of play as well, I am here to contribute to the team and to live an amazing experience. 

About his previous clubs

Putting on the jersey of La Vinotinto is something special. Wearing the captain’s band on top of that, it’s priceless. Knowing that your teammates and your country trust in you, that you have a beautiful responsibility, it’s something really amazing. They’re moments that fill you with pride, moments that are invaluable. 

About being a Venezuelan (in Miami)

Being Venezuelan, I believe, is a blessing. It’s fantastic, I love my country and believe we have amazing things. Being able to represent my country in this city, where there are so many Venezuelans, it fills me with happiness knowing I can be close to them. Being able to have that connection to my country is something beautiful. 

About his favorite Venezuelan player

My favorite Venezuelan player? Me.


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