Celtic fans are happy to see Lewis Morgan leave their club for Inter Miami CF

The probable signing of the 23 year old winger for Inter Miami CF, begs one question: where are the key players?

According to the full spectrum of the Sport press, English player Lewis Morgan will leave the Scottish Premier League and sign with Inter Miami CF. Morgan only played 5 league games last year, and a quick review of the Twitter reactions are not to be taken lightly.

With a total of 900 minutes played (and 2 goals in UEFA Europa League, Morgan was not able to gain a starting role in his team, playing in one of the weakest European league. We have been praising the Paul McDonough ability to create roster, and we are not one to judge before the team has even started playing their first game, but questions are starting to pop around Miami fans, especially after they were promised so much.

With the press reporting a very lucrative long-term 6 figures deal for Morgan, is he going to take a designated player spot? Is he the international winger that Paul McDonough was referring to few days ago to news outlet “MLS Scoccer”: “We have significant international (Morgan played with Scotland U-23) players still to sign, we have an international winger that we’ve got agreed. We’re doing personal terms with. We have a DP striker that we’ve agreed… we have midfielder we’re trying to secure and one or two center backs“.

Lewis Morgan is apparently only waiting to have his visa approved by USCIS in order to work in the US. But the Celtic Glasgow fans are impatient to see this move become official. We have not seen the player enough and at Inter305, we are behind our team, but some tweets are just making us wonder…

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