“Carranza is a great player” Exclusive Interview of Guillermo Catalano on Julian Carranza’s potential, Beckham, The MLS, and more

Argentinian TV/Radio Host and Banfield specialist, Guillermo “Fierita” Catalano accepted to tell Inter305 more about Inter Miami CF’s new player Julian Carranza. His expertise gives us a new look into the player but also speaks about the evolution of the MLS, David Beckham, and more…Delicioso!

Great players came out of Banfield, like Zanetti, Palacio, James Rodriguez…”

Guillermo, what can you tell us about this player while you observed him playing for Banfield?

Guillermo Catalano: “[Julian] Carranza is a great player. Even before beginning his pro-career, there were rumors circulating that many important clubs were interested in him. Mainly because Banfield, the club that he plays for, is a club known for exporting many players. Great players that come out of Banfield, like Javier Zanetti, Rodrigo Palacio, Jesús Dátolo or James Rodriguez. Banfield is a team that is top level, other teams come to scout Banfield’s younger divisions, before they even start their pro-careers. Right now, in the Pan American Games, the goalie of the Argentinian team is from Banfield and the forward, Agustín Urzi, is also part of that team. Since Julian Carranza first appeared there has been interest in him and people always come to see him. “

“He is fast, intelligent and reads the game very well”

You know the level of the Argentinian’s SuperLiga, do you think he will perform and become a key player in MLS?

GC: “One of the players that I have yet to mention is Eric Remedi, actual champion of the MLS. Remedi, also from Banfield, made his step directly from Banfield to the MLS becoming champion the very next year. I think that because of Julian’s style of playing he can work very well in the MLS. He is a player that is fast, intelligent and he reads the game very well; Given the style of play in the MLS, I think that is something he will be able to use to his advantage.”

“His profile goes very well with Miami”

Julian is only 19 years old. Were you surprised to hear that he was moving to this new challenge?

GC: “No, this is normal in elite soccer and it also depends on his personality. He is a player who has character and I think he will do great. Additionally his profile and look go very well with Miami. Again, I think his role model will be Eric Remedi, who he already knows.”

“Carranza has speed, agility…”

What’s his exact profile? (as a player)

GC: “Carranza is a forward who has speed, he has agility. He isn’t a forward who is rough or clumsy. He knows how to play with the ball and he knows how to play without the ball. Carranza knows how to look for space to optimize the play. “

“Carranza was observed by many scouts from Europe”

We heard clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester City had sent scouts in the past to observe him, can you confirm?

GC: “I cannot confirm those exact clubs sent scouts. However, I can confirm that Banfield is constantly being scouted by the most important European teams because of their reputation. I can confirm that I know there were European teams, more than one. Since I am not part of the board of directors for the club, I cannot confirm which teams exactly. What I can tell you is that Carranza as well as Agustin Urzi received many scouts from Europe. “

“Shout out to Beckham!”

What are your thoughts on the launch of the Inter Miami CF Brand?

GC: “I found the club’s presentation charming, I like it. I am an avid supporter of football marketing. It seems to me that It lends it self to make the sport more popular, it grows the enthusiasm of the fans to go see the spectacle of the game and their presentation – This was important in Banfield as well. Having the opportunity to work with David Beckham will help Carranza learn and improve his game. Exposure to experienced and elite players Is very important. In this case, its really up to the team and It should be very interesting to see. Hopefully I can go see him in the stadium when they start.  Who knows, maybe I will see you in Miami! A big hug to all the supporters and shout out to Beckham!”

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