Blaise Matuidi explains his surprising move to Inter Miami CF

During a long interview, Matuidi revealed more about his career move to Inter Miami CF and MLS

It’s been official for a few days now, Blaise Matuidi (33) is a new Inter Miami CF player. An astonishing decision that the midfielder explained at length for Bros Stories, during a long video interview. “I felt ready for an experience of life, a family experience too. I had been contacted by the club six months ago, but I had my head at Juve. I had to achieve my club and selection goals. Then it happened what happened. The Covid has changed things too. The Miami opportunity presented itself again. By then, it was taken for granted, I felt ready to live this experience. I just wanted to go for it. The confinement, it allowed me to get even closer to my family, it had an influence on my decision, this relationship with my children and my wife. When you’re a high-level player, you don’t have time. I felt the well-being of the family at that time. I’m coming at a time when I really need it, ”he said before continuing.

For over ten years, there has been a lot of pressure every three days. When you reach 33, you think of something else too. I remain a competitor, but the notion of pleasure in the work, I want it to take over a little more, ”he slipped. And if the former Parisian made this choice of life and career, he does not intend to do tourism in Florida. “I’m not going on vacation to Major League Soccer. I continue to be a competitor. It’s another challenge, I will be expected, I know it, I will continue to give the best of myself. I want to have this notion of pleasure by discovering a new culture. I want to discover all that, to have fun ”, he assured before insisting. “My career is long, it is not over, far from it. In Europe, I think I have done what I have to do. I didn’t think I would get there, rubbing shoulders with great players, playing for big clubs, becoming the player I have become. I grew up from all these sporting life experiences. The path does not stop there, it continues. It’s my fate, we’ll say, ”he revealed.

Still has “Les Bleus” in mind

The now Inter Miami CF Designated Player then spoke of his future with the France team, necessarily impacted by this decision. And if he is lucid and pragmatic, the 2018 world champion with 84 selections (9 goals) said he was at the service of Didier Deschamps and the Blues. “Today, this decision can have an impact on my international career, I discussed it of course with the coach. I am ready to hear it all. He can always count on me if necessary. The France team is my life, that’s all, I’ve always thought of the France team as a priority. I was and I am one of the soldiers of the France team. Today, if I am called to play left-back, center-back, or even goalkeeper, I will respond if she needs me, “he said before insisting.

I could play endlessly in Blue, that’s what I really think, but I also know how to be realistic. The manager knows what I’m thinking, too. We have a good relationship. We have been through a lot, we have been able to overcome great disappointments together. Now is not the time to close that door completely. I always used to surprise more than one, we will continue. (…) Of course, you think about it, you take that into consideration. But at the same time, you tell yourself why not. It can make people talk, but after all, make people talk, I only did that during my career, ”he concluded. Let it be said, Blaise Matuidi has perhaps not finished surprising everyone, for the pleasure of Inter Miami fans!

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