Best Wonderkids for Inter Miami CF

With a full team yet to build, Inter Miami CF is a constant target for transfer rumors. Cavani, Suarez, Falcao are all somehow linked to the new franchise. However, the club’s strategy is deeper than simply signing two or three big names like other MLS teams.

The pro players signed so far are all prospects, and yet they have another thing other than their youth in common: they are all 3 listed in the Football Manager 2019’s wonder kids list. Explanations.

The new face of Football is a careful mix of images and results. The player’s speculation is a big part of it. Teams like Dortmund, Porto, Ajax or Monaco have made a specialty in scouting the best young players and selling them at maturity for loads of money.

These kids are young and above average in talent, and you can generally spot them in the Football Manager simulation. Pellegrini, Makoun and Carranza are all three parts of the last list, published by The Guardian. We analyze this list and outline other players that would fit Miami.


Walker Farinez (Venezuela) – 20 Milonarios – Transfermarkt value $6M

The best possible deal if the club wants a prospect for the goalkeeper. Already a seasoned International with Venezuela (20 selections), the player would certainly have a great connection with center back fellow Christian Makoun.

Already expensive for his age, his contract with current club Millonarios ends in December 2020. A good opportunity for Inter Miami CF to position on a very strong player, that would totally fit the current roster. Certified Fresh Choice!

Aviv Ohayon (Israel) – 20 years old – Maccabi Tel Aviv – Transfermarkt value: $300K

The giant Israeli is seen as a future crack, already experienced in the Israeli main league, he is cheap and already plays for his country’s youth team. A fairly low transfer fee and a potential high resell value.

Left Back

Jesus Angulo (Mexico), 21, Santos Laguna – Transfermarkt value $3.5M

Another future crack. Already playing for the Mexican International team (3 selections), he is ready for his next challenge. Capable of playing on the whole left front, Angulo is a master crosser. Seeing him evolve with Pellegrini on the left-wing could be a good match. In a world where modern left-wingers that can defend are rare, Angulo may be the one to not miss!

Right Back

Guga (Brasil), 20, Atletico MG – Transfermarkt value $2.3M

Already playing for Brasil U23, Guga is the best young prospect for the right defending. He can also play center back if needed. Samba Foot Brasil called him the next Dani Alves. With the massive Brasilian community already in Miami, no doubt that he would be received with love, cheers and… samba.

Robert Gumny (Poland), 20, Lech Poznan – Transfermarkt value $5.5M

Already a no contest starter in his Polish team, he did not wait long to get called with his national team and played 9 times as the right back. Young and powerful, more focused on defensive tasks than wings, Gumny would be another iron man next to Makoun the dinosaur. Pretty expensive transfer fee and many clubs like Arsenal are already eyeing the player.

Defensive Midfielder

Jonathan Gonzalez (Mexico), 20, Monterrey – Transfermarkt value $4.5M

Another Mexican wonderkid. Gonzales has worn the International Jersey twice already and is part of the new wave of Mexican major players.

It may be a bit difficult to grab him from Monterrey, but Inter Miami CF has already proven their power of persuasion and negotiation skills with Banfield while signing Pellegrini. If they are looking at a strong prospect with lots of re-sell potential, no doubt that Gonzalez must be on their tablet.

Ignacio Saavedra,(Peru) 20, Universidad Catolica – Transfermarkt value $250K

A cheap alternative to Gonzalez, Ignacio Saavedra’s transfer price may be cheap, but he is a real bet to consider. Already comfortable with the Peru selection, he even scored after only 5 games. Young, International, cheap, good potential. A player that would certainly enter into the MLS contracts policy and potential re-sell price like only Football can give. A bet to consider.

Central midfielder

Parfait Guiagon (Ivory Coast), 18, Africa Sports – value N/A

Our African agent source tells us Parfait is the new Yaya Toure. A solid box to box player that only a few introduced scouts have heard about. The new gem from Ivory Coast is eager to leave Africa and start his career under more spotlights. If he signs for Inter Miami CF in the near future, we can be sure that the recruiting team of the club is carefully reading our articles

Right Attacking Winger

Brian Ocampo (Uruguay), 19, Nacional – Transfermarkt value $250K

Another cheap International player. 7 caps and one goal, he could be the perfect assist winger for compadre Cavani. The future of Uruguay has potential and is still very cheap. We would not be surprised to see Ocampo making the jump to a bigger club very soon, and if he signs to Liverpool for $200 million in 2024, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! Hot deal

Meschak Elia, (Rep. Congo) 20, TP Mazembe – Transfermarkt value $350K

Capable of playing on both sides of the attack, or in the center as point, Elia is highly praised by our African sources as the next Didier Drogba. He is at his best on the right side of the attack and could become part of a potential Pellegrini/ Carranza trident. One thing is sure, Meschak Elia will not stay much longer in his club TP Mazembe. Already played 21 times with Congo (1 goal), he is becoming a very watched future player and already scouted by many clubs. Could he be one of our surprises?

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