Alvas Powell: “I am exited to come to Miami”

Alvas Powell spoke to Inter Miami Cf’s website about being part of this historic journey

Alvas Powell is the highest rated player signed with Inter Miami so far. He heard about his move while being with his national team (he is a regular with the Jamaica nationals), and was very happy to learn about his new destination. “words can’t explain how I feel.” 

Powell seemed to get the “305” spirit of fighting hard and being ambitious: “The players are looking forward to coming to Miami and making Miami a home and a place that teams are afraid to come and play.” Exactly what we want to hear. 

He then went on about his best features, explaining that his speed was his advantage. Powell described himself as an aggressive defender, and hopes he will contribute to many clean sheets.  “I have more secrets, but I can’t give you everything“.  

The interview ended with Powell praising Miami’s amazing fans: “I can’t wait. I see videos, I see comments. I can’t wait to play in front of these fans. I know they can’t wait for the season to start to cheer the team on. I’m just excited to be there and to link up with the fans, players, the staff, but I know the fans are pumped for the first season. They are excited so I’m excited to come to Miami.” 

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