A real headache coming up for players becoming free agents

The hypothesis of seeing the various championships end in May, June, or even July next is real after the postponement of Euro 2020. This would pose the problem of players reaching the end of the contract by June 30, 2020.

It is a problem. Certainly far from being a priority, but a problem nonetheless, which will eventually arise. Since the UEFA 2020 European Nations Championship is postponed (it has been officially announced on Tuesday), the various European leagues could complete their respective championships during the months of May and June. Even July. A timing that would no longer stick with the usual dates of contracts. How could this happen for European players on loan or at the end of the contract as of June 30, 2020? Especially the ones targeted for Inter Miami CF?

There are many cases across Europe, from Edinson Cavani to Olivier Giroud, Willian or Mertens, hundreds of players are concerned. They are expected to be in a decisive phase regarding their future by talking to potentially interested clubs. But they could end up playing with their club until the last day of the contract, which is clearly unheard of, with the risk of injury. As The Daily Telegraph explains, the English football authorities are starting to work on solutions, such as allowing temporary contracts until the end of any competitions.

Will it be possible to join on July 1 with a new club?

How could the various professional leagues act in the face of this unforeseen phenomenon? Imagine that a player signed up for Inter Miami CF on July 1 but the 2019-2020 season is not yet over and continues to go on. Could he compete in the end of a championship with two different teams or be forced to not play immediately for his new club. These are the kinds of cases to rule on, once the conditions for a takeover have been set. If there is recovery.

The postponement of Euro 2020 is generally well received by all the Federations. The other main question will then be whether UEFA is followed by the European associations on the proposed formula and the dates to finish the Champions League and the Europa League. Because it seems that several countries favor the fact of going after their domestic championships. For players at the end of the contract, there is little else to do than wait before considering a future elsewhere.

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