A Night in Paris – How Inter Miami is Strengthening its ties with European Clubs

David Beckham and Jorge Mas with PSG boss Nasser Al Khelaifi and legendary L’ami Louis Chef (c) Instagram @DavidBeckham

After what Jorge Mas called “a productive meeting” in Barcelona, team Inter Miami CF flew to Paris and met with Al Khalefi, PSG president. The question on everyones mind – What are they preparing?

The buzz started last Friday with an interview of the usually quiet Messi explaining that he could technically leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season. The next day, Gerald Pique, FCB captain confirms the special clause in Messi’s contract. Nothing else could have been more exiting for Miami fans, and the tweets started going all over the place, some thought that he already signed for IMCF! 

As much as we want to see Messi sporting black and pink flamingos, we know that bringing a player of his caliber to the MLS is not something that can be actualized over 2 phone calls and a tweet. Yet, as the days passed, more and more serious press like the Miami Herald, ESPN or Be In Sports confirmed this possibility. When everyone saw Jorge Mas’s tweet in Barcelona, along with David Beckham, the buzz started to go frenzy! A dream come true, we thought – That’s it – Lionel Messi is joining Inter Miami CF!

Let this be the pinch that wakes Miami CF fans up from this dream. Come back to the reality of the situation, Messi is so much more than a player, he is a billion dollars brand! IMCF would have to negotiate not only with the player, but also with all of their sponsors. And this will take time. So yes, it is possible and yes, maybe they were in Spain to talk about Messi but the season starts early 2020 and the main focus is to have a competitive team when the MLS starts. It is very possible that other Barcelona players, even maybe younger prospects coming out for FCB’s Masia (youth center) are in the scope of IMCF. Or maybe all of this was for Luis Suarez. 

Dinner in Paris with Nasser

After Barcelona, Beckham and Mas went to Paris, and had dinner with Nasser, PSG President. Beckham and Nasser are very good friends since the Brit’s stint at PSG. He is wisely using his network and charm to show his partner, and anyone that still had doubt, that he is the magic key to bringing the South Florida franchise to success.

The reason for the Parisian visit could of been for Cavani but considering the pattern of IMCF’s acquisition, the youngsters coming out of PSG’s formation (Nsoki, Bamba, Rabiot…) were perhaps on the agenda. The FIFA rules are clear, despite the end of his contract at the end of the next season, a player cannot start negotiating with a new club without the consent of their current club, unless he is within the last 6 months of his contract expiration. If Inter Miami CF really wants to sign Edinson Cavani for free at his deal’s term, they need PSG and Nasser’s blessings to do so.

We may not taste the fruit of these meetings immediately, but it refreshing for the fans to see that Beckham and Mas are using their flex to build the dream team, flamingo legs and all!

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