2 Weeks Before 2020: The Quest for a Coach

The fans are attending by hundreds to see a Inter Miami CF U14 game, but everyone is anxious to see the big players joining. And still no coach in sight…

It is a fact. Despite a promising popularity among fans, Inter Miami CF Has still not secured the strategic head coach position. Who will be handling the players in January? An inexperienced coach for this kind of exposed post? The club is trying to convince a world class level coach to adopt a project, and it is not a very easy sale, in a market with a lot of good clubs searching for the right manager. And time is running out. The club, which will start polishing its team and most likely play friendlies before the March MLS opener versus LAFC. IMCF will have to be ready to play versus established and fit League competitors.

Following the confirmation that Gallardo will not leave River Plate this year (as we announced a month ago) , the board have already been looking for a new manager but the list is not so short that it and especially, it seems complicated to recruit a big name in high season. Many meetings are happening at the club, and more leads are followed

There is always an obstacle

Together, the board have put some names down, but each time, the case seems complicated to materialize. Former Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle, Rafael Benitez now operates in China but is too expensive. Brendan Rodgers extended his contract with Leicester until June 2025. Mikel Arteta, deputy of Guardiola in Manchester City, lacks experience while Carlo Ancelotti may be the perfect fit, although he will be very courted in Europe. There is also Massimiliano Allegri. The Italian is free since his departure from Juventus but he wants to make a full sabbatical year, the time to learn … English.

It’s about to look like panic. The name of Patrick Vieira also appears at the top of the list by his status as a former MLS coach and a first season rather successful on the bench of OGC Nice. We were told that the club already had the coach and we would know it before the end of November. Hopefully in 2019!

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